The most unfortunate thing in today’s scenario is that people set up a business, invest on its growth, but even after taking pains and working hard are unable to get the expected results or profits and finally close down. The major reason behind this mishap is that they miss out on esteemed opportunities available to flourish their business. A chunk of enterprises do not know how websites can help them in achieving their goals, and the rest half do not even feel the need of having a website. This is pitiful as they do not realize what wonders a website can do to their businesses, as in the present scenario you are recognized only if you are present digitally. Moreover websites can help in attaining unachieved milestones for their business. But a very important thing to note here is that a website will be noticed amongst masses only if it is optimized well. A site is said to be well optimized if it gets a high rank in search engines.  Every businessman dreams about catapulting his business ahead in the competition. For this you need an ideal search engine optimization Budapest like FODUU. FODUU web designing agency has an expert team to assist you in website optimization, and helps your site  reach the top spot in search engines inturn boosting up traffic of your potential customers bestowing favors on your business. Few simple strokes can help you hit beyond the boundary, website search engine optimization is the need of the hour.

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Out of the three main types of keywords the specific keywords are the most helpful as they have less competition than general ones and gets more desired traffic than long tail ones. It will be a total waste of time and money if you try to compete with big companies and use general keywords. Instead use of specific and relevant keywords can help you in search engine optimization Budapest and these keywords focus totally on your business.




With the help of keyword planner or keyword tool select relevant keywords having a decent number of searches, but little competition. Targeting on right keywords will only help you  in effective web page optimisation and get the top spot on google.




Once right keywords have been chosen, the next step will be to use those keywords strategically in your content, like your URL, title tag, headings, alt image tag and image captions, basically throughout your content. Keep in mind that google favors comprehensive content, in depth content that does justice to the topic. All in all the volume of keywords should be balanced and used in a variety of ways  certainly without overusing them.



Many companies use content marketing as their main strategy. This involves wide variety of written work like blogs, infographics, newsletter, etc to attract potential customers. This is also one criteria for getting a high rank in google, but only if it is useful and provides value to your prospects. Other than this lots of content will help accumulate more and more keywords, for google to return and re- return for different searches. An elaborative, engaging text also helps in holding on to your customer for a longer time.



2019 search engine ranking factors report, inbound links are an important element for achieving high ranks, and effective website search engine optimization. This can be done by adding business into local directories, guest posting on popular sites, creating impressive contents, that other bloggers or journalists would like to link to.


SEO corrections

SEO definitely helps in optimizing your site and ensures a better ranking but you have to pay a lot of attention while performing on page activities. These include paying attention on following few steps:

* Upload a sitemap- Its very important to put up a sitemap,  as it is an index of your website and shows google what exactly is there on your site. So, we should never forget to do that.

* Effective 404- Your website should be ready and fast to handle typed errors, i.e if something is asked of your site and it is not available or related to your site it should accept the drawback rather than displaying a page which is completely inapplicable to the typed request.

* Use of 301 redirects- The websites are often updated or required changes are done as and when required. There are also times when you want to direct attention of users to a particular page. In these cases 301 redirects are used to lead the users to the important pages.

* Allow – disallow mistakes- Sometimes we inadvertently block google from accesing our site. If our site is not getting the expected traffic, we should also check on these mishaps which tend to happen mistakenly.

Use of descriptive url’s- URL’s should always be static and include keywords in it.

* Use of .com instead of .in- According to searchmetrics conclusion, 84% of top ranking pages use .com as their top level domain. Although usage of keywords in the domain is not required as much as in url.

* Title tags are very essential- It is very important to ensure that each page has a unique and descriptive title tag, as it tells the crawlers and users about the page.also if there are any issues related to the title tags, it can be checked upon with the help of HTML improvements report.

* Use of we add this mark up to our site, google gets a better sense of our site, and ensures rich snippets are displayed alongside our site in search results.



This is a very important point to consider as even google gives poor ranking to websites that are not mobile friendly. Mobiles are used more to surf net as compared to any other device. Also we have to pay a lot of attention on the load speed, as there are very high chances of users bouncing back in case of extended load times, and we surely don’t want that.



This is another indispensable point to be considered. We cannot avoid the importance of social media when it comes to website promotional efforts. Social medoa sites like twitter, facebook, etc are  excellent source of backlinks and even google gives increased credence to these sources in context of search engine rankings. All we need is to develop an effective social media marketing strategy.


Getting on top of the google search is very difficult but not impossible either. Implying some techniques carefully, consistently monitoring them and remaining alert will for sure help in significant rise in the rankings in the search engines of your website.