Web Design

Web Design

Web design is one of our core services, we are expertise in HTML5 and CSS3, Content Management system which is mainly known as CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Opencart e.t.c.) after delivering 100's of high quality websites we come to know that we can offer our clients a good quality web design at very affordable prices. From where a user can easily start their business in an online market.

As the technology is getting faster we have planed to offer your websites at more faster and creative ways. Now we offer websites within 8 days. Lots of companies are working with us from many year. And their satisfaction brings us to more success. Cheap web design is not actually we offer, we offer websites at cheap rate, Which is more sensible to our clients and make them to trust us. We have gone far from our basic client range. Different variety and packages makes us unique with all the facility, which you might always expect for and never got from your vendor. We never say "Take our service" we prefer to say "Get our services if you are dreaming big".

Having a Business from a website is not easy. It needs skills. Which we are masters of. We want our clients to earn money, to make business with our web design and our services (Web design & Development, Graphic design, Bulk SMS, SEO). We can offer websites with real deals and services. Just see what our team says which always help us to be more enthusiastic

"There is plenty of fish in the Sea, which can help us to make money, But less people to handover their dream to us."

We are more then happy to provide our clients a step in the ladder of Success. Marketing is a big business these days, but we are bring to your plate as piece of cake. We are the experts in Web promotion (SEO) and proved to many of our successful clients. A famous quote follow by our team is "Success never comes with business, it comes with service". Many year of trust and service in Web Design gives our client to trust us to hand over their dream.

Every morning we know 1000's and millions of people wake up with a dream in their eyes, to achieve success in there business or to become rich, all can be true with your little dedication and a single unique idea. Take a step with web design no matter what you thing what you plan, just call us we will guide you with all the possible outcomes and solutions of your problem by our experts.

Remember "Get our services if you are dreaming big"

Web design is not only our service its our passion. Which is worth of cost of Rs.1500/- ($100) if that help you to take a step further from where you are.

Contact us now, bring your luck your way. Check our packages below.

Static Website

  • Home page
  • 5 Page Website
  • Basic Web Design
  • Navigation system
  • NO Domain
  • No Web space
  • 1 Email Id
  • 1 Contact Form
  • After 5 Page each page $5

Dynamic Website

  • Home Pages
  • Up to 7 Page Website
  • Basic Web Design
  • Navigation System
  • .com Domain
  • 300MB Web space
  • 1 Email Id
  • 1 Inquiry Page
  • Secure admin panel
  • Editable Content
  • Zoom gallery

Shopping Cart

  • Home page
  • 5 Page Website
  • Basic design
  • Navigation system
  • .in Domain(Free For 1 year)
  • 300MB Space
  • 1 Email Id
  • 1 Inquiry Page
  • Shopping Cart
  • 100 Product Upload
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Product Manage
  • Product Catalogue


  • 3 Month Pack
  • Single City
  • 10 Keyword
  • Website Analysis
  • keyword finalize and placement
  • Image optimization
  • css optimization
  • google analytics setup
  • webmaster tool setup
  • sitemap submisison
  • robots.txt submisison
  • internal hyperlinks
  • meta tag composition & upload
  • url Rewiting (if require)
  • html validations
  • search engine submission
  • Profile submisison
  • Directory Submision
  • Article submisison
  • Blog creation
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog comment & Guest Blogging
  • Press release submisison
  • Claasified Ads
  • Keywords Ranking Reports