CRM Software

User Friendly CRM 2.0 software for financial advisory

FODUU CRM Online Software solution is one of the best and handy tool, which can be used by any Financial Advisory firm. Through our long experience and long list of our customer we got any smiley faces around the world. Our Customer Relation Management (CRM) Online Software have lots of unique functionality with 100% secure system. CRM will be provided with use to use user friendly system. Now with launch of FODUU CRM 2.0 you will have more power and more capability to manage your customer.





A dedicated system to manage your clients in real time!



CRM Software Features


User (Executive) Features


  • Create new customer/leads
  • Edit Customer/leads Details
  • Keep Track of sales team conversation with clients
  • Full managed invoice
  • Payment Track Record
  • Send SMS
  • Create SMS templates per role
  • Get the new Notifications site wide real time
  • Search customer/leads
  • Duplicate customer finder (Automatic check)
  • Check the customer as per your comfort, just type to get the result
  • Call reminder


User (Researcher) Features


  • Manage customer notifications
  • Keep track of SMS sent
  • Be ready with pre made templates
  • Send to specific user or send to all
  • Easy to manage client record
  • Automatic Sorting of client according to system


Admin Based Features


  • Manage Company Branding
  • Keep track of SMS sent (By Researcher or Executive)
  • Keep track of all users
  • Multiple customer assign to a executive at the same time
  • Short the customer from date of registration and activity
  • Manage permission or specific roles
  • Over all sales per Day/Month/Year
  • Check sales by individual executive
  • A complete auto notification system
  • Create Executives/Manager
  • Set an executive to "On Duty" or "Off Duty"
  • Check Clients on the basis of user
  • Transfer customer to other executive
  • Multiple staff level management
  • Real time chat (Group)
  • Export your data in excel
  • Auto backup of expired service client
  • Auto email
  • Create your own roles & permissions
  • Inbox (internal emailing within staff)
  • Fast calling feature
  • Smart Lead/Customer Search
  • Define n-level of employee in your company
  • Auto lock after time you specify
  • Upload bulk lead from Excel

Why Choose Us?




Full SMS API Integration

Multiple Payment Gateway

Easy to navigate on all browser

Cloud Based CRM

Track your clients from anywhere

Mobile Tablet Support

Real Time Notification

Live Group Chat



Why You Need This CRM?


Automate Your Process

Make your process in one direction. Keep your team only focused on doing sales, not on learning some complex software. One place for all the solution, within your CRM.



Keep Track Of Your Employees

Keeping an eye on your work report and employee progress is very important. FODUU Advisory CRM will help you to give you the best view in just one look. No need to now juggle with complex accounting software.


Daily Sales Report

Having a daily sales report in your account in just one view from anywhere and any device. That give you a freedom to enjoy your business on the go. Just keep the flow of you invoice and you will be getting a round figure of your earning in the end of the day.

Latest Updates

Get full new features and new updates on our every release we make, lots of new features will be provided with every new update. Till now our client requirement help us to make this CRM better day by day. And CRM is build on real time with real clients, so you find a single difference.


Data Privacy

Keep your data private only for your company as this CRM is completely integrated and designed for individual company needs, and can be customized as per your company requirement. High level of security has been provided in CRM for best use with confidential and premium user.



Now get your CRM in your features style. Fully customized CRM will be provided as per your requirement. Everyone needs their own touch, so here you can ask us to customize the look of it as per your requirement.


Full support

Need support instantly! Sure we will be able to help you, on urgent phone calls. Just specify the problem and we will look after it. This CRM is made for 0% break through, means if any point of CRM is not working, then CRM wont stop. It will you know the error.