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A good web design is very important if you wish to hold the attention of your site visitors. It is really a tough job to acquire leads for your website, and when you somehow become successful in getting them you cannot afford them to bounce off your website and land on that of your competitors because of a mediocre web design. Your website is not just your online visiting card that helps you gain a stable web presence or online recognition but digital display of your business, products or services. As they say, first impression is the last impression. So this online ostentation should explain well about what you have to offer and even help build a positive brand image. It should be effective enough to make your site visitors stay and learn about your company, convert them to your customer and call for action.

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Its true that your website should be attractive and impressive, but users expect much beyond the visual experience. If you wish to grow your business, sales, profit and returns then the website ought to be designed keeping in mind your users needs. If your website fails to be user friendly or provide enhanced user experience then all efforts, time and money spent on web design goes waste. Your approach has to be user centric if you want to succeed in your online intentions. Your website should have an effective web design so that your message goes across simply and successfully. And for an effective web design you require a professional and experienced web design company Qatar that transforms your goals into digital reality in exact manner. A website design company that possesses an expertise in discerning psychology of your website users and also a proficient team to ideally execute ideas.


web designing company in Qatar

A website is like a store and the visitors act like customers. Just like a customer visits a store, observes and chooses items that catches their interest or relates to what they were looking for or wanted, similarly when they click on website, scroll, they click on what interests them. Point is they should get what they are there for. It might be content or perhaps only the product or service. In such cases a beguiling design is secondary. Always remember Content is King.

Second point is that we always have to keep in mind that the visitor has very less time and has the advantage of vast choices on search engines. The content should also be represented in away that it can be read fast. It should be point wise, to the point, explain briefly and simply. Use of bullet points helps users understand fast and easy. Also the flow needs to b maintained so that the user engagement is not disrupted.

Thirdly the site navigation. Be it an informative site or an online store, it should have easy navigation, that is the users should not get confused or stuck. In short they should be properly guided. The design should not be painstaking in terms of call to action, understanding, financial transactions or checkout. A clear structure, moderate visual clues and easily recognizable links can help users to find their path to their aim. In short, your website should be like a well served platter including various recipes in a sorted manner so that the guests (audiences) just consume and satisfy their hunger.


Fourth, avoid distractions as much as possible. Popping up of some other link in between or repeated call for action buttons may make the users frustrated. You have to make sure that such pop ups are repeated after an interval. If users get satisfied your website automatically satisfies Google’s algorithm of enhanced user experience in turn boosting your website rank. FODUU, a web development company Doha designs ideal user friendly websites as it has over a decade of experience in understanding user behaviorism. Its expert team of web designers and developers has designed many websites of assorted domains and helped them witness business growth. Aspects of functional and interactive web design built by web design company Doha:


  • A self explanatory clear header line with high quality images
  • Call to action in the header
  • Minimal user detail form or basic detail information placed in a small column. We realize that though minute but a user registration alone is enough of an impediment to user navigation to cut down on incoming traffic.
  • Our websites have some white space to make the aesthetics peaceful, appealing, perceivable, easy to read and navigate.


  • Responsive websites ensuring accessibility for all visitors
  • Fast load time
  • Focus on user attention through HD images, enhanced aesthetics in terms of color and font style, videos wherever necessary, etc. This also helps website earn credibility
  • Letting the user see clearly what functions are available is a fundamental principle of our successful user interface design. The content is well-understood and visitors feel comfortable with the way they interact with the system.
  • Stick to conventions and consistency throughout the website pages
  • Search engine optimized
  • Well tested before launching
  • Effective content writing that is direct, to the point, categorized with multiple headings or bullet points wherever necessary to hold the reader’s attention. We use plain and objective language that clear the objective of what the product or services are and how they are beneficial
  • A simple web design rather than use of complex graphics to overwhelm the visitors


Our Comprehensive Website Design Services Qatar

Other than providing a flawless website design company Qatar gives many more reasons to be chosen for your ideal web development Doha Qatar



Web Design Services Doha

We provide customized web design solutions from small scale start ups to reputed international corporations. We have trained designers employing latest technology- laravel developers, PHP developers and word press developers.


Custom Web Development Company Doha

Our web design work includes clean coding, integrated CMS for easy editing and handling of content. We provide a reliable and robust interface that is user friendly and can be easily managed by clients whether they are tech savvy or not.


Responsive Web Designing Qatar

Our websites are mobile responsive and provide seamless viewing experience across all devices. This mobile friendly feature strengthens your website’s online presence.


Static and Dynamic Website Designing Doha

Be it an informative website that is just to inform your customers about your start up or display your products or services or a you require a flexible scalable website for your business we provide both static as well as dynamic website solutions. We also help in redesigning your old website or build a new one from scratch to have a strong digital presence and successfully grow business online. Our services are acknowledged due to their cost effectiveness.


Corporate or Enterprise Website Design Qatar

As a leading website design and development company Qatar we have provided custom website design services to many large scale enterprises. We have built complex and detailed corporate websites for multiple industries. We are known

  • Easy flowing interface (UI)
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Compliant with W3C standards
  • Smooth user experience (UX)
  • SEO friendly coding
  • Mobile responsiveness


enterprise website design Doha



Ecommerce Web Design Company Doha, Qatar

Converting website visitors into customers is where our goals match with our clients. We not only help build but also optimize online stores using popular platforms and frameworks combined with innovative technology. Choose from our CMS option or custom shopping cart development as per your requirements. We cater to the needs of both B2B, B2C marketplaces. Get in touch for our top notch ecommerce solutions that are result driven, boost sales and increase ROI.

  • Rich user interface
  • superior user experience
  • Multiple gateway integration
  • Advanced security features


  • Easy to manage product inventory
  • Scalable solutions
  • Mobile friendly
  • Hassle free deployment
  • Custom shopping cart


  • Custom admin panel
  • Social media integration
  • Microinteractions
  • On time delivery
  • Guaranteed reasonable ecommerce price packages



We are top ecommerce website development company Qatar that pays attention to the requirements of both users as well as our clients. The website users get a website that is friendly providing easy navigation, engaging interface, categories and filters to streamline search, high quality product images with enhanced product descriptions, secured payment gateways, easy checkout and proper order tracking mode.


We also delight our clients by providing them with a website that is easy to manage in terms of order tracking, offers and discounts, product attributes, inventory, integration of shipping and monitoring ecommerce analytics.


We have successfully helped set many multi vendor platforms that are feature rich, provide individual product catalogue, unique profile for each vendor, admin controlled product approval, seller wise commission setting, vendor wise sales report and interactive reviews and rating.


Graphic design services Doha Qatar

We aim at strengthening brand identity of our clients by providing impactful branding solutions. This involves the use of typography, themes, colors and more tailored as per your business requirement. We have an expert team of graphic designers providing high quality logo designing, brochure designing, catalogue designing etc . This helps our clients increase their business reach. Your company logo defines your brand, making your business unique from that of your competitors.


Graphic design services Doha


Logo designing- Your company logo is the first thing that catches the attention of the audiences and is an important and effective tool of brand recognition. Hence the logo designing is done in a way to ensure that the audiences stay engaged as well as easy to recall. We craft a design that stands out, proffers recognition and triggers your brand recall.


Brochure designing- We help design attractive brochures for assorted business needs. It can simply be a promotional brochure, product catalogue or informing about offers, sales or discounts. A well designed brochure not only helps in reaching your target audiences but also earn reliability and credibility for your business along with boosting your sales. Our brochure designs are:

  1. Impressive leaving a long lasting impression
  2. Customized
  3. Visually appealing
  4. Leads to higher conversion rate


Logo design services Doha


Mobile App Development Company Doha, Qatar


Mobile App Development Company Qatar

We are a reliable mobile app development company and provide feature rich, highly interactive and secure apps for both android and iOS platforms that broadens your customer base.

  • Affordable
  • We use trending technologies
  • Good project management
  • Effective communication assuring 100% transparency
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Skilled and passionate developers that can build even complex android apps


Digital Marketing Services Qatar

We are the best digital marketing company Doha providing unmatched services related to SEO, SMO, PPC, content writing etc. We provide customized solutions to rank your website high on search engines, establish outstanding brand recognition, help you fetch global audiences, give your website a competitive edge and generate authentic leads at affordable rates. Our efforts are sure to give increased ROI. We have a team of proficient SEO experts who have 10+ years of experience and provide the following services strategically:


Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays a very important role in getting organic traffic to your website. The main point is to ensure that your website layout is as per Google algorithm. It is checked that the content is enriched with keywords and create high quality backlinks to get a higher rank on search engine result page, increase traffic, visitor engagement and conversion rate. The site coding should be sound, page loading speed has to be fast, the website should be responsive across devices, content should be informative, fresh and relatable. Most importantly the website should be popular on social media platforms. We are professional SEO agency Qatar that follow latest SEO techniques customized as per your requirements and are certainly legitimate (white hat SEO techniques) so that you get authentic results. We also provide local SEO services and ecommerce SEO services Doha


Digital Marketing Services Qatar


PPC services in Qatar



Pay Per Click

When the company is new or if you require faster response then PPC is an investment worth it that gives sure returns in the form of instant leads. Our PPC services Qatar include:

  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Display ad campaign
  • Remarketing
  • PPC landing page creation
  • PPC campaign review and audit



Content Writing and Marketing

The best way to gain visibility on search engines and build good quality links. We have a team of talented content writers who provide engaging and relevant content and experts who strategically market it across social media channels. Our consistent approach helps build brand trust and loyalty:

  • Content for websites
  • SEO content writing
  • Social media content writing
  • Press releases, blogs, articles
  • Brochure and marketing materia


Content Writing and Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

By sharing dandy pieces of content on various social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram we attract the netizens. We also post paid campaigns, use hashtags etc to encourage traffic to your site as we realize that social media platforms are the best place to market digitally.


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