Have you put up your dream business but nobody’s ever heard of you? Well, I think a website can help you become popular. A website is considered to be your on line face. But the act of establishing your online presence does not simply end by just creating a basic website for your business. Websites have gained success through their on line marketing efforts and by incorporating the right SEO tactics. But the design of your website can either make or break the business you are trying to deliver. For this you need an unmatched website design as provided at FODUU which is far better than any other web design Qatar. It actually makes a difference on how your target audience views your business and potentially turn them into your customers further leading to better business and revenue. FODUU provides friendly assistance and helps create a splendid yet affordable website design more satisfying than any other website design Qatar. Investing on a website can generate outstanding profits, but to ensure that your investment works according to your advantage you need to hire a skilled website designer, that is FODUU who is an expert web designing company superior to other website design company in Qatar. Your website should have the following attributes

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Whenever anybody visits your site he should not feel lost. Basically there should be a guide to lead through your site especially if it has many pages. A well developed navigation helps users to explore your site conveniently and understand it easily. A simple yet intuitive navigation can give them a duck soup experience convincing them to get back again and even encouraging others to do so. FODUU has a team of web developers who integrate effective navigation in your websites one step ahead of other web development Qatar.


The length of the content is given preference by google to allot it a good rank in the SERP. This is true but does not mean you have to make your page look decked up like a newly wed bride. Quantity yet quality is expected out of every work. Even if the content is engaging but if it is interminable and not pleasing to the eyes it will be abandoned by the visitors leading to their bouncing off the site. Its OK to have some white space in the text so that the readers eyes can get some rest. A good choice of font and typography in compatibility with an accurate message will help readers to understand easily and even remember it. The web developers Qatar also find it difficult to incorporate such cluttered text in their design and the visitors also lose their interests looking at such a messy page in turn affecting conversions. The content writers at FODUU make sure your site looks fancy yet accomplishing and provides high quality content than writers of other web development companies in Qatar.


This is something that it is often overlooked, but holds a lot of importance in context of your brand recognition. People often make this small but silly mistake of creating varying logos. Just as the name of the person always remains the same, and is the identification of his personality, similarly a brand’s logo is its identification and the consistency of its presentation also needs to be the same. It leaves a profound impact on the minds of the visitors. Just as a radio jingle when repeated again and again, has a chasmic impact on your minds and ascends on your tongue, similarly constancy of the logo engraves it in the visitor’s mind and sets you apart from your competition. This unique logo should be placed on all the printed

materials and integrated in the website design. This helps your visitors to recognize your brand in all types of medium. Even a slightest of change in the visual communication of the logo can lead to confusion in the minds of the customers, so don’t hinder your long lasting impact by making changes in the color or font style of your brand denomination. FODUU prioritizes and presents your logo in a beautified way in your websites head and shoulders above than any other website design company in Qatar.


The design of the page and organization of the elements on the page should be such that it should look attractive and ease the visitors eyes making it easy for them to read and move ahead. A web page like any other page is read from left to right and from top to bottom, with the most important information on the upper left. The same is the case with website page. The message is understood well, giving way to convert visitors into customers. Apart from the organization of the page emphasis should also be laid on placing the important details of the website on apt places to improve the SEO of the website. This can also be done by including keywords in the domain name and the text. Along with this a reputable web hosting provider should be selected that can deliver consistent loading speed. Also make sure the website has a responsive design and provides an intuitive mobile experience. Optimizing page URL’s, title tags, headings and content by using keywords and its synonyms helps in rocketing the website rank to aimed heights. Other than this the images should also be optimized by using keywords and updating the alt text. The meta description should be unique and impressive as this acts as the design of your main gate. Visitors will enter or click on your website only if the description is compelling enough. Again use of keywords in the description should not be forgotten. Internal linking is another important aspect of effective SEO.
The anchor text ( words that are hyperlinked) helps to signal google, what your page is about. It also helps the visitors understand the unfamiliar terms and the inter connectivity of the pages drives traffic from one page to another. This will make people spend considerable amount on your website which is Also favorable in terms of SEO.
A site map should also be submitted to google to ease its crawling. It is an index of your site and helps to directly communicate to google , prove your existence and tell them about all the specific pages. The sitemap helps in speeding up the crawling and visibility of the pages on the search engine page results.
To show up in the search engines when people are looking for the information or products you provide, you have to put some real work into providing consistent value on your website and building authority around the web. And to do this you require skilled SEO professionals of FODUU web design company to get you a respected rank on the SERP better than other web design companies in Qatar.

In this digital age, it is imperative to have a website to become popular online and become
accessible for your customers 24/7. moreover a well designed site helps in building trust of your visitors and they don’t scrutinize before getting your products and services. In effect you will have a thriving and profitable business. FODUU promises quality website design at attractive prices ahead of commitments made by best web design company in Qatar.