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An honor winning learning management system ideal for businesses of any size.It's easy to use, feature-rich, and at a reassuringly fair price. You can set up your LMS account and your courses effortlessly.

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Impressive Features

Multiple Type Course Content

Create your courses in Video, audio, files & text format with course content.

Payment Gateway Processing

Pre integrated PayPal, PayuMoney & CCAvenue by default with simple enable and disable options in the backend with easy interface.

Multiple Storage Options

Uploaded your large video & audio files directly to Amazon S3 or Save it on local server of your choice. We have simple settings to modify the serving options from the beginning.

Billing & Automated Order Processing

Billing in FODUU online e-learning portal is completely automated, no need to maintain it manually, but still if need to accept any cash payment on any point! No problem! Can be easily done from backend of the system.

Easy to use

Our platform has been created with huge reaearch that is why we call our platform easy to use. A great number of features are implemented in the backend for your customisations which few clicks.

Its super easy to publish a new video / audio / PDF courses online. Also you can define a time to display through a great number of payment gateways which you can activate as per your need.

Want to create a new page or publish a new blog! Its super simple to create and publish. Get it instantly indexed on your sitemap to keep it ready for google to crawl your website. And let the world know about the updates on your website.

Multiple image upload YouTube video integration options can make your life a lot easier to sell your courses online. This platform also support content uploading as per your choice of data storage (Local disk or AWS S3) bucket to be selected.

Order flow can be seen on a single click and processed automatically along with downloading of the course and the payment process.


System is always ready to accept more traffic to your website. We believe in growing together and that’s how we planned your next Online Learning System. It’s build with cache and high performance technologies.

Taking it from shared server to a cloud server with distributed environment is simple. Moving your resources from windows or linux is not a problem. As our platform is 100% open source and you get complete control over it.

As you grow your application will have more active users. So the system is planned with high database records. We have processed high indexed database and tested with millions of records, to assure the system will works for you in same environment as it is working in initial stage of launch.

Open Source

Open source is the key for any technological growth. If you talk about Google Android to linux OS used by major organisations and corporates all use open source technologies, and so do we.

We have built this platform to improve over time. Being built on open source technology its easy and friendly to work by any developer. We prefer using laravel as framework based on PHP v7.2. And implemented with great precision of features.

Open source technologies are usually improved with the support of people and community to make it more reliable. With this long lasting community of PHP developers and active users its always been a best choice to develop your application on it.

In combination with PHP we are using MySQL database which is again an open source platform which is trusted by worldwide developers.

Payment Gateway

Accepting payments can be a little challenging task online. But to support your business, we already have PayPal as international payment gateway which is supported by many major countries. Also for Indian users we have PayUMoney and CCAvenue as a payment already builtin which you can enable and disable from backend settings.

Students or learners can come from medium and may prefer to pay in any different possible ways, we make sure the platform is ready to accept that as well. So now you can just generate and invoice your manual payments like bank transfer or PayTM and make the invoice paid with any possible options. So you will never need any other system to manage your invoices.

Customisable Interface

At any point your business may be ready to serve more customers and with increasing demands of customers you need to be prepared for customisation on features and include new features on business demands.

We make sure you are prepared for it. And you have a company in your support to understand those needs and consult you to fulfil your growing platform demands. We as a company make sure your system is bug free and ready to use anytime we process any changes on your website.

With overtime we keep improving the platform for better usage, we rollout new updates on any customer requirement and will be updated with the same which is more like a sharing of features.

Create Quiz

Now prepare your students with quiz so they can implement the learning into something more practical. With simple interface you can ask them to attempt multiple questions in given time frame. Which makes it a handy solution for long lasting learning.

Quiz with variety of courses can be attempted and a certificate of excellence will boost the confidence and make your students more comfortable to learn more courses.

Quiz can be feeded into database from admin dashboard (provided by us) where you can set the different number of questions which can be randomly asked with defined quantity and time. Every student will be able to check their attempted quiz and get results immediately.

Online Courses & Teaching Website

FODUU LMS is a complete learning solution where your students will be able to learn online from your website. Share your knowledge and inspire others. As the trend of online learning is getting more and more popular with advancements of internet and people's awareness.

Online teaching can help your students learn multiple courses simultaneously. With very minimal efforts you can target global audience and no limitation of courses. You can volunteer for multiple online sessions live youtube sessions with easy to customise features and draggable interface.

You don’t need any other platform to manage your billing, reporting and orders. Everything will be automatically done by the system with each records. All the features we offer to entertain your students as easily as possible and grow your education business over night.

It’s a marketing friendly platform with google standards with this platform you can do it easily. Simple fields to let your students find the courses as per the courses with specific keywords and titles of the courses.

It’s an advance system for the education business owners to grow their network and reach international customers with a blink of an eye with a very affordable online course selling website.



  • Multiple course create
  • Single Payment Gateway
  • Single currency for particular country
  • Sell individual courses
  • Video course (View and download) No Quiz option
  • 1 month support
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  • Multiple course create
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • 2 currency options (switchable from admin)
  • Sell membership or individual course
  • Quiz creation (general quiz)
  • 3 month support
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  • Multiple course create
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • 2 currency options (switchable from admin)
  • Sell membership or individual course
  • Quiz creation & certificate
  • 12 month support
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Features in Online Course Selling Website

  • Manages Students
  • Check Orders
  • Earnings
  • Courses and subscribed students
  • Multiple topic creations
  • Unlimited page creation
  • Separate blog to promote
  • PayPal & PayUMoney Integration by default
  • Downloading a course facility
  • Stream only online
  • Amazon S3 connectivity (Upload n-number of files with no restrictions of space)
  • SEO optimised
  • Mobile tablet responsive design
  • Multiple color options
  • Multiple category to separate your classes as per the subject or topic
  • Advance quiz system to track the learning
  • Multiple filters to choose specific courses