Frequently Asked Questions

Online Marketing

What kind of online marketing services you offer?
We provide all the online marketing or digital marketing services- website designing and development, SEO(on page,off page, link building), pay per click, e-mail marketing, SMM, SEM, SMO, content writing, mobile app development, tracking and analysis, conversion rate optimization,display advertising and branding. We provide these services at extremely affordable prices.
How can I get instant results from online marketing?
Although online marketing is a consistent process but gradually gives effective results and helps in generating leads for your website thereby increasing your sales. Moreover if you wish to get instant results it can be done through PPC that is pay per click and other social media optimization activities .
How much time it usually takes to rank my keywords?
Well that totally depends on the search volume of your selected keywords and the targeted geographical location. If the search volume of your keywords is less and geographical area is narrow the keywords will rank faster. On the contrary, if the search volume is high and you are targeting globally it will take more time.
What is SEO?
SEO or search engine optimization is a part of online marketing. It involves on page and off page activities that helps to optimize a website in order to get a higher rank on search engines thereby acquiring organic traffic. SEO is a consistent process that requires patience but gives effective and stable results in the long run.
What is SMO or SME?
SMO or social media optimization also aims to drive traffic to your website and acquire a higher rank on search engines. It helps in increasing the awareness of your business or product or services or event by different social media outlets. This is done through promotion on bookmarking sites, social media sites, video and blogging sites. Social media has become the ideal place to position or promote your business as social sharing is increasingly being integrated into search results. But SMO requires constant activity as social media is updated regularly. SEM or search engine marketing on the other hand means marketing on search engines. SEM leverages the power of search engines like google to reach potential customers at the perfect time and place. This includes paid advertising, PPC or pay per click.

Mobile App Development Questions

How much time does it take to build a mobile app?
It depends as per the business type and complexity of the application. If it is a basic one it will be done within week. On the contrary a bigger application like e commerce would require atleast a month.
Do you build mobile applications for both Android and IOS?
Yes, we build exemplary mobile application for both Android and IOS. But our major expertise in Android application. We recommend our customers to go with platform, which is more suitable for their audience.
Do I need a website to build a mobile application?
No, it is not an obligation to have a website in order to get a mobile application built. However we can do it as per client’s requirement. You just need a server (admin control panel) in case if you are looking for an interactive dynamic mobile application. Through server (admin control panel) you will be able to modify content in the app directly without any need to update the app version. For running a dynamic mobile app admin panel we usually recommend to have your own domain and hosting to host the admin environment.
What are the renewal charges?
If you are taking app stores by your own and also domain and web hosting then you don’t need to pay any renewal charges. Otherwise: Android app store : Rs.1000/- ($15USD) IOS Store : Rs.3500/- ($50USD) Domain and web hosting : Rs.2500/- ($70USD)
What about new version releases launched by android and iOS, will it be compatible?
We try our best to provide the best compatibility with latest versions. But its not always possible to keep it future proof. For minor version upgrade you might not face any problem. But you might find problem with major Android releases.

Ecommerce Questions

What kind of website is suitable for my business?
Well that totally depends on the kind of business you own, your goal and your budget. FODUU excels in building all kinds of websites.
How can I sell product online with an ecommerce website?
E- commerce websites provide you with a platform where your products are showcased beautifully along with clear description. The products are categorized in a way that makes it easier to make selection. We provide you with a perfect e commerce websites with your products displayed individually per page along with call to actions like add to cart, buy now options or new arrivals etc that tempt your customers to make a purchase. The website gives numerous options that paves way for a convenient business transaction and dealing.
How many payment gateways do I need and can you suggest one?
This depends on your choice. All the payment gateways can be integrated to your site. We would suggest PayPal as it is used worldwide.
What if I want to sell more then 10,000 products online?
Of course you can do that.
Best way to track my website traffic?
Google analytics provides you data regarding the traffic to your website. It also helps you to track the traffic stepped in per page, customer engagement time, bounce rate, the device used to visit the site etc. This information is really helpful for SEO purpose, to make improvements and taking necessary decisions related to your website.
Do I need business license for having a ecommerce website?
No you do not require license to set up an on line store.

Reseller Program

How can I become a reseller member in your company?
You can become a reseller member in our company after you hand over five projects.
Do I need to pay any additional charges to become a reseller?
No you don’t have to pay any additional charges for the same, just the assigning of the required number of websites.
How much discount I can expect after becoming a reseller member?
You can expect a 20% of discount on your projects, but they should not be the basic ones.