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Chief Reasons of Increase in number of IT Companies in Indore

Indore has become a popular and preferred location of investment by IT Companies to expand the horizon of their businesses in times of global economic recession. Indore is popularly known as the financial capital. According to the reviews by industry experts, there are several reasons that why Indore has become a popular hub of IT companies in India. The key reasons of increase in number of IT companies in Indore are as follows.

  • The first and most important reason of enhancement in number of IT companies in Indore is that the Government of Madhya Pradesh has given huge incentives to such companies.
  • The availability of skilled workforce in Indore for IT companies is another important reason behind increase of IT companies in Indore. There are many engineering colleges that produce large number of skilled manpower every year in Indore.
  • Many popular IT Companies such as TCS and Infosys have invested huge sum of money in SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in Indore since last six years.
  • Government has given land of 20 Lakh acres to IT companies in Indore under SEZ and this has attracted large number of IT Companies in Indore.
  • Many IT Companies are making their establishment in IT Park in Indore to get exempted from paying tax for a period of next Ten years.
  • The place for establishing offices in IT Park is also available at low price. So, many IT companies prefer to establish in IT Park to reduce their cost of operation.

In this way, there are many facilities for IT companies in Indore and they can actually make a real time business opening by getting established in Indore. The Government has also made a great contribution in creation of congenial environment for growth of IT companies in Indore.