Single Page Websites - Are they Good or bad for SEO in 2023?

Single Page Websites - Are they Good or bad for SEO in 2023?

Website has become a very common sort of investment if you are having a business be it big or small in 2023. Having a website for your business is imperative if you wish to have both a strong online presence as well as stable online recognition. Our growing priorities have reduced the time of our lives and it has become our habit to squeeze the size of our activities. Whatever we do or want has become brief. For example we read or watch news that is in short or read the messages that are precise. Perhaps this is the reason for the growing popularity of single page web design. It is assumed that the company information or details can easily fit in one page and so single page website design is being preferred. Another reason for doing so can be thinking about saving a few pennies.


What is a single page website?

A single page scrolling website is simply a website that only contains one HTML page. There are no additional pages, such as an About, Features or Contact Us page. It is true that the number of pages of your website determines the budget of your website development. This is also true that if you feel that a simple one page website design can be advantageous considering the browsing devices being chosen by your audiences. But before reaching to any conclusion about your website design


Let’s Check the Benefits of a One Page Website for SEO:


  • It is simple to browse single page web design as majority of audiences use mobile phone. It enhances the responsive element
  • They are speedy, that is require less time to load, which is the main benefit of such type of a website.
  • It improves the user experience making it more continuous and flowing with no distractions
  • Single page scrolling website is easy to navigate. Users click navigation links that allow them jump to destinations on the page, or scroll down the page to reach different sections of content.
  • This design provides the users to the point information, that leads to sooner call for action and increased conversions
  • This basic web design eliminates any extra cluttering from the interface, focusing the user’s attention on the most important content
  • Many pages scare the audiences away. So simple one page website design pleases customers reducing the bounce rate.
  • Easy to understand clean website, as the content is well organized in chunks.
  • Fast to create as there is only one page and easy to maintain
  • Since all the links are destined towards a single url, this increases the page authority of the single page web design.
  • Most importantly it is cost effective.


Considering the above points one page website is good for SEO. A responsive website with fast loading speed, enhanced UX and UI, ease of navigation making it user friendly, call for action, reduced bounce rate, well organized content and higher page authority, these are all the requisites of good SEO. But ironically, single page websites are bad for SEO.


Why are Single Page Websites Bad for SEO?

In SEO content is the king. If the website provides detailed information it is more preferred by the users. A good and relevant piece of content is also one of Google’s algorithm for a higher rank. Single page web design lack this detailing of content or the content is insufficient.


Also content needs to be keyword rich for a good SEO. If you have only a single keyword to target then it is okay but single page sites don’t allow for wide keyword targeting, which is an SEO drawback. Your site gets a lower keyword ranking and it is impossible to target variety of other keywords. If you depend heavily on Google to find new customers, then you might be better off creating a multi-page site that incorporates different keywords into each page to attract a wider audience.


Simple one page website design gives you less opportunity to rank. A multiple page website gives you chance to try to rank for one page or another.


Sometimes your content has subheadings along with headings in order to provide detailed information, but unfortunately single page web design does not allow you to do so. If the length of the content is increased the audiences can easily get turned off increasing the bounce rate. Also if the content is not well categorized or there is absence of navigational links then it is displeasing for the visitors who have come to fetch information about a particular topic. They do not have time to go through the whole website.


Its true that the single page web design loads fast but ironically it may take extra time to load as you have the same page for many images. A lot of images on one single page disturb the page loading speed. Single page web design is not scalable. If you have a small business and think that single page can meet your needs, then you need to rethink as one page will not allow to match the growing need of your business in future.


All said and done, you really need to analyze the above points if you are thinking about having a single page web design. You might save a few dollars but your website will not be favored by search engines and which can be disastrous for your brand or company. If you are planning website development then we can assist you for the same. We are unmatched website design company in India and provide exemplary SEO services at cost effective prices. If you have single page website design, we can help you refurbish it at reasonable prices.