What is quora website and what are the SEO benefits of quora marketing

What is quora website and what are the SEO benefits of quora marketing

You need to shift to innovation in terms of seeking ways to promote your content and pages when it comes to SEO success. The more and more efforts you put in the more better results you get in terms of ranking and traffic. In this regard, one surprising asset you might have is Quora. Quora looks more like a reference tool at first glance than a marketing tool, but that's part of what makes it very successful, especially when talking about strong backlinks. First, here are some basic questions that have been answered about integrating Quora into the broader digital strategy.

What is quora website?

Quora is a platform for questions / answers where different users can either ask questions on any topic / topic or look up and respond to others' questions. Answering or questioning on quora is both helpful and fun. You get a chance to gain knowledge or refine the knowledge you already have. Moreover answering to questions you have knowledge about instills confidence in you. The best part of answering is that you can drop a link of your website at the end of your answer. But the link should be related to the question asked. So you need to be careful to answer questions that are related to your industry or business especially if you are there to answer for solely SEO purpose. Also you need to be sure about your response. If the answer is not appropriate or incorrect the attempt can turn on to be a disadvantage also. Remember this is a pursuit towards your SEO success so think before doing as it can effect your brand reputation. Quora is not a business promotional website.

You can also post images or videos supporting your response. People upvote your answers if they like it. When you actively respond to questions you gradually become a part of the community and quora notifies you if any related questions are being put up by anyone.

What is quora marketing ?

Quora marketing is a procedure to involve yourself in the activity of either putting up a question related to your field on quora website or answer any related question and drop your company or business link beneath your answer. You have to careful about two things in this context:

  • the question or answer should be related to your industry or field
  • there should be some significance of the link you drop. That is there needs to be a reason to drop your link in the answer. It should be helpful for the answer seeker. It would be even great if the answer is well elaborated in the given link.
  • The answer should not just be given intended for SEO success. The reader should feel that you actually are aware and wanting to give the answer and not just trying to be a part of it

What are the SEO benefits of quora marketing?

Quora is a very popular platform that gives you the exposure you have been looking for. Though there are many other related websites like Reddit, Linkedin or Yahoo but opposed to Reddit, think of Quora as more specialised. There are particular subreddits with a similar style of question / answer, but Quora is explicitly dedicated to this purpose.

Quora is an ideal platform to reap in high quality backlinks, improve page authority and domain authority and earn a strong brand reputation due to its wider reach.

You also get a chance to search for promoters and influencers who can promote your site

Points to keep in mind while doing quora marketing

SEO is all about keywords. These are the words, lines or phrase people type to make a particular serach on search engines. Your questions and answers need to have these keywords, only then will they be presented in the results. You can also use relatable terms. For instance if the business is about a smart watch, you can use terms like Iot, portable devices, health monitoring etc. Link dropping should be your concluding step.

Quora can also be used for blog marketing. There are questions that require elaborate answers. You can give elongated descriptions and also drop links of related blogs. 

Importance of quora in SEO

  • best for mouth publicity of your business
  • it helps you earn goodwill for your business
  • your company gains credibility
  • you get the precious back links
  • you can build communities and promote content on niche topics

Via quality backlinks for SEO, Quora is a smart asset to help improve the ranking for your pages and content. There are, however, other elements of your website or content that may impede some of the progress made by your work on Quora. Be sure to look into a website SEO audit to ensure that this doesn't get out of hand. You can get the most from your Quora efforts by partnering with a third party who can help you locate some of the best spots for backlinks.