Reasons why small business owners choose wordpress platform

Reasons why small business owners choose wordpress platform

The basic centre of the marketing campaign is the website. Nowadays, the openness of the Internet raises the need to be online.

Starting your company online is never too late. And here comes WordPress, a great web development solution for startups. WordPress operates over 25% of the world’s websites and 65% of CMS driven websites which shows it has quickly become the CMS of choice for organizations of all sizes. Discover why you should pick a small business website for WordPress and improve your sales right now!

Importance Of Website For Small Business

Less than two-thirds (64 per cent) of small firms had a website in 2018. It is shocking that the number of small businesses that are present online is not higher, even after low budget web development and evolving technology skills.

The explanation that many startups do not yet have a website is that they are not aware with the advantages of making a small business website:

  • Web development with a low budget.
  • Due to website accessibility 24/7, broader audience scope.
  • Visibility of a brand and awareness of a brand.
  • Simple promotion online.
  • User Activity Monitoring.
  • To engage established clients and attract fresh ones, rely on a website.

Digital platforms also confirm that by publicly listing its mission, address, and contact in, a company is legitimate

Reasons Why Wordpress is a Perfect Choice for Small Business Website

It is a Free CMS

WordPress is software that is open source , which means it is absolutely free! With ease, you can download and install WP and then build any kind of platform you want. Right after installation, it provides a collection of basic features, which means no extra costs for simple platform development.

24/7 Support

Either from the official WordPress members or the large WordPress group, you can always get 24/7 support. With WordPress social media groups, you can always ask for advice. You can work with our WordPress experts if you need more efficient assistance or want to sign up for a service plan.

Contact us via the contact form if you need any support regarding your website. Note that skilled maintenance and support are required for any platform, either small or large. It will pile up with bugs and errors in some situations.

Seamless Storage

The storage space is not restricted by this CMS, which means you can upload unlimited quantities of images , videos, documents, and everything else your business website needs.

Fast Website Development

Installing and developing WordPress doesn't take long, particularly when we're talking about a few platforms on a page. A small business website will be less than a week ready to live.

It is  Mobile Responsive

From small-screen phones to large monitors and TVs, the Internet is now accessible by multiple devices. Small companies need to provide websites that operate through all of these devices properly. 

For website visitors, mobile responsiveness is not only important, it is also very important for search engines like Google and Bing. This is because website use on tablets and smartphones is exceeded by desktop surfing. If your company is going to compete online, it includes a website suitable for all browsers and mobile devices. 

SEO Friendliness

We believe in the power of good SEO, and in most website design ventures, we provide search engine optimization. While discussing how both play a vital role in today's world of organic SEO, we'll teach you about the value of content marketing and social media.

Our all-inclusive website packages include discovery, research of keywords, site mapping, and on-page content and meta optimization. We'll also add a great SEO plugin to help direct you to build fresh, friendly SEO content.

Easy to Use

Continuous content changes and additions are achieved by regular individuals with WordPress and right inside a user-friendly dashboard. WordPress provides great support for the development of landing pages, conversion modes, blogging, incorporation of social media, and list building. All in a dashboard that is simple to use.

For you and your squad, we'll have one-on-one preparation. We're also going to add how-to videos that are available from your dashboard. And if you want to dive into Genesis, there's going to be a video walk through.

Advanced Features

With over 30,000 plugin extensions available, WordPress offers a multitude of features to small businesses. WordPress has a plugin extension to accommodate almost every scenario, from forums and social media networks to e-commerce and learning management systems.
And if an existing solution is not already in place, custom plugins allow users of WordPress to build custom stand-alone apps without ever touching the source code of the core programme.

Easily Integrates with Third-Party Platforms

With WordPress, third-party integrations are simple, whether you want to add Google Map or view posts from your social network on your small business website.

Let our team of WordPress experts, through our advanced API creation and integration services, add features to your website.

Ensures Security

If you handle it correctly, WordPress is secure. For your platform, daily updates and security patches ensure a stable environment. The best way to strengthen the security of your site is to keep it updated. Updated themes and plugins help address possible security vulnerabilities and prevent them.

Your WordPress website protection is also ensured by special plugins. For example, by incorporating the latest WordPress security techniques, the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin reduces the risk of attacks.

Our WordPress support team will keep an eye on your platform if you want to concentrate on your business and have no time for website maintenance.

Wordpress is Meant for Small Business Website in Every Way

It's time to think about an online presence if you own a small business but do not have a website yet. WordPress would save time , money and effort for small business owners.
Not only do we build digital technologies from scratch here at foduu, but we also provide hosting solutions for small businesses. If you have any inquiries or requests, do not hesitate to contact us.