Difference between Static, Dynamic and Ecommerce Website?

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For any business, a website is important, it is a very efficient medium for communication and reaching out to the masses. But I don't think I need to persuade you that it's important to have a website, because you are reading this post. Instead, while you make the important decision on which type of website you need, I plan to direct you. It's really very straightforward and you will feel the same way once you have your business goals clearly set out together with the potential choices.

Knowing the Kind of Website you Require:

There are several different types of websites that are possible, right here in 2023 today. However, there are only 3 key types of websites from which you can choose from a business perspective.

They are static websites, dynamic websites or websites for e-Commerce. The names of the website styles are a major indicator of what to expect from each type of website.

To help you make the important decision on the form of website you might need here is a slightly thorough overview of each of them.

Static Websites

A static website is a very basic website that doesn't use any language for programming. Although the use of HTML (a mark-up language) is needed and even a little bit of JavaScript is possible. What this implies is that to access the website, there is almost no or extremely little server side processing needed. How do you know if you are acceptable for a static website? Well, it's actually very easy.

You choose this if you need a fast and simple website that you don't need to update regularly (or have a good maintenance contract for updating).

It is important to remember that such websites are not interactive and do not typically store (including user data) any sort of data.

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Dynamic Website

In a sense, dynamic websites are just the opposite. A dynamic website uses programming languages, which means that, in order to make a page, it requires server side processing.
Needless to say, it takes time to process and hence the dynamic website appears to be slower than the static ones. But don't think that a dynamic website is bad because it's sluggish. 

It is also possible to configure complex websites so that they are not incredibly sluggish to open up many other choices. For example, if you have opted for a dynamic CMS web design (website), it is possible for you to easily alter the content of just about every page on the website. From offering a photo gallery to an immersive quiz, the options are limitless.

Understanding Content Management System

A Content Management System is a dynamic website that can store the website's necessary documents , images and other data in such a way that it can be easily retrieved and updated.
Two user interfaces are typically composed of a content management system. One is the so-called front end, which is what is seen on the website and what people can see.

The backend is considered the second interface. To add content to the website, this gui is used. In addition to changing the content, inserting photos (such as a photo gallery), maintaining a user database, along with their profile information, in the case of a social network. In addition, a content management system can also include some advanced features, such as newsletters, reviews, news blogs, etc.

Ecommerce Website

Also, an e-commerce website is a dynamic website, but there is a distinction. It is possible for you to sell your goods online (over the internet) and participate in financial transactions via an e-commerce website.

In fact, an e-commerce website has the potential to be the online version of your brick and mortar shop to make things easier.

Foduu.com is a business that has been around for a while and hence has a lot of experience advising customers from all over the world as to what is the right option for them. In addition, they have a large in-house development team that turns such alternatives into actual websites. Therefore, it is no great surprise that they have already built more than 2000 websites for customers from all over the world.

On their website for website creation, they have several packages (options) available. In addition, foduu very often has several different types of offers, thus allowing you to save more on your website growth.

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