Email Marketing Trends to Update Your Email Strategy in 2021

Email Marketing Trends  to Update Your Email Strategy in 2021

Every year, design trends are changing, so we decided to take some time to talk about a few trends in email marketing design to pay attention to in 2020. To redesign your plan and ensure that you send out beautiful and engaging emails to your audience, use these email design trends.

Dark designs

When more and more applications continue to add dark mode to their capabilities, when it comes to design, several businesses are also beginning to hold this in mind. Dark mode helps users, as they consist of a black backdrop and white text, to rest their eyes a bit while looking at their computers. This limits the amount of blue light going through their screens and even maintains the strength of the battery. It's a major thing to design darker emails, or even just keep dark email client modes in mind for your design.

Think outside columns

Using design tools to create graphics that offer the illusion that you're not really using columns is what we want you to do here. Shy away from symmetry, tilt your copy and imagery and use other effects that help stand out in the design of your newsletter.


The typography in your newsletter can be spiced up in two ways. First, you're able to put any Google Font of your choosing into your newsletter template with GetResponse 's latest email developer. The second way this can be achieved is by design. Use your graphics with modern fonts, then upload them to your email newsletter. Try this to put your brand fonts into your design so that all your marketing materials are coherent, or just find a font that well represents the subject of your email.

Minimalist design

Less is almost always enough when it comes to design. You don't need to clutter images and text for your newsletters, and use as much margin space as possible.You should concentrate on one subject, product or service in each of your newsletters, and you should devote as much white space to your design as you can.

3D visuals

The popularity of 3D and isometric illustrations and graphics has risen, and they will not stop anytime soon. In virtually every new website design, you see them and they're also finding their way into email design. It can help spice up your newsletter by incorporating visuals like these.

Organic shapes

Many brands are beginning to integrate organic shapes into their design and branding. It's a smart thing to do to stay ahead of the curve with your email newsletters.

If you use them to highlight product images, add decorations to a graphic, and more, there are several ways to design using organic shapes.

Animated graphics

Although plain ol 'text messages can be a better bet to send, by uploading GIFs once in a while, you can try adding some animation right within your email. This makes an email so much more eye-catching in an inbox than a static image or document. It is a big trend to incorporate animation, and you should start brainstorming some ways to add this to your own strategy for email design.

Interactive emails

Interactivity is another major email design pattern in 2020. In architecture, and not just in emails, this strategy is becoming popular across the board. Although interactivity does not always have to be this complex, there are several ways for the audience to create an interactive experience. By inserting useful connections throughout your emails, a clickable menu, adding buttons to the cart, and more, integrate interactivity into your email design. Take it up a notch by adding your emails with polling, gamification, and other social tools.

Infographics in emails

Sharing facts and numbers? Do it in an infographic style, incorporating visualisations of details and other fun visuals to it.