Artificial intelligence changing the face of website development

Artificial intelligence changing the face of website development

Today, more and more companies are looking for ways to combine their digital marketing strategy with existing and emerging technologies, such as Augmented Reality ( AR) and Artificial Intelligence ( AI).

AI is used to automate procedures through multiple sectors and is something that you will definitely experience on a regular basis. It is widely implemented by giants such as Google and Amazon to optimize search results and deliver product suggestions. In addition, even smaller websites can integrate AI to enhance their user experience (UX)

On your own website, using AI can:

  • Lower prices, since you are going to spend less time on different aspects of website management.
  • Improve the customer experience, as AI can be used to analyze data and give the guests a more seamless experience.
  • Save properties, as AI can perform several tasks that are not possible for non-developers.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the more often it is used, AI will become "smarter" by its very nature. This ensures that as the AI becomes better prepared to manage the needs of your guests, the UX on your website can continuously improve. Now, let's take a closer look at some concrete ways that you can use AI effectively to enhance your website. You may want to try one of these techniques only, or experiment with all three.

Improve the Visual and Voice Search experience of users

It is important to discern the way visitors search for the content of your website, since it determines what they are searching for. This is why it is suggested to use different search forms, such as visual and speech, to boost your UX.

Both of these search options are commonly used on larger websites like Google, but they also work well on smaller websites. Visual search provides a unique way for users to access your website, and this is particularly helpful for e-commerce sites. On the other hand, voice search is a great way to enhance the mobile friendliness of your web.

Even better, in order to increase their usefulness, both of these search styles may integrate AI. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your visual and voice quest, we recommend:

  • Choose an AI with features for visual categorization. AI apps, will categories your website's visual elements and organize them. This simplifies and makes visual search more effective.
  • Understanding how special voice searches are. You'll need to pick an AI with a more conversational style, unlike usual searches.

Enhance the experience of customers with a Chatbot

Chatbots can boost the site's user experience, as a chatbot can support visitors or customers quickly by answering basic questions. It can guide them to the right web page as well. Best of all, a chatbot is able to run 24/7. This will increase your conversion chances, as tourists will not have to wait long for their questions to be answered. It also saves you and your team every day from having to answer the same simple questions. There are two kinds of chatbots: those running as normal programmes and those operated by AI. For different purposes, we suggest an AI chatbot for your website, but mostly because it can learn better ways of communicating with and reacting to your customers over time.

You should do one of two things in order to get started:

  • Hire a developer for the site. For your website, they can create a customised chatbot, and can even programme it to learn.
  • Using the Chatbot tool for AI. You can connect these programmed chatbots to just about any site, and several solutions allow you to configure the bot yourself.

Although sometimes you will need to step in for your AI chatbot, after all, it can not provide your visitors with a completely customised experience, your chatbot will grow over time as it gets used to your audience. This is the magnificence of an AI-based chatbot.

Sales efficiency enhancement with better analysis

If you run an e-commerce website, you know how important the success of your company is to your sales results. Via careful study, one way to boost this efficiency and increase your income is. It can help you find weak points in your approach by doing frequent review of your website and other marketing activities, which then helps you to strengthen them. There are several software programmes that can evaluate and make relevant suggestions for your current results. AI is capable of taking this phase one step further, however. You may, with the right AI:

  • Build an identity for marketing. AI-collected data will help you better understand your target audience and create a person around their needs and desires.
  • Analyze your meetings with clients. AI tools like Dialpad will analyse your interactions and make recommendations based on their conclusions, whether over the phone or by email.

Finally, to help your sales team, AI can also be used. Tools such as Nudge exist to streamline the entire phase of sales, as they provide insight into your target clients. They can also make suggestions on the next steps to take for individual sales team members. The new implementation of AI makes it possible for you on your own website to exploit its many uses.