Top Ecommerce web development trends you need to know

Top Ecommerce web development trends you need to know

What' fresh today will be obsolete tomorrow.  Therefore, to put yourself one step ahead of the competition and to provide your clients and customers with a smooth shopping experience, you need to determine the merits of current trends. If you intend to set up a new online store or update your existing one, then you need to be conscious of what is trending in the online sphere right now. Below are the top 5 design trends which are rapidly emerging in prominence.

Top 5 Trends in eCommerce Site Designing 2018

Wide Backgrounds: Big photos and video backgrounds have become a trend in the design of today's eCommerce websites, but it has only been adopted by some shops. In its storytelling, Broad Backgrounds helps brands and makes it easier to draw consumers ' interest to unique goods and services.

Rich Moving Animations: In order to make online shopping experiences more fun and playable, we realize that animation is the best way to attract users; so many online companies have begun to inject it into their projects. Remember, animations will make your clients feel like you're very involved in their eCommerce store experience.

Hidden Menus: As it clears up a lot of clutter on eCommerce pages, the hidden menu continues to be a favorite of designers. These menus were originally used mostly on mobile devices, but they have also increasingly found their way into desktop designs. In 2016, on small and large screen computers, many online retailers used secret navigation menus to save enormous screen space and this trend will continue to expand in the coming years as well.

Long Scroll Websites: It has been a thing for a long time, and thanks to mobile devices, everybody is used to long scrolls. Some of the benefits of a long-scrolling website are innovative storytelling and graphics, quick navigation, endless scrolling enables users to remain longer, facilitates interaction, opens the door for more applications, and works well with touch controls.

Mobile-friendly Web Design (RWD): For most websites today, RWD is an integral requirement. It is extremely important that your website design is mobile-friendly and must be nicely shown on any screen. Today, due to the spread of different mobile devices, customers may start browsing your site at the office lunch break and finish it on their way home. Therefore, providing multi-device support for your website design is critical.

Make sure that the organization is well aware of the current web design trends listed above when recruiting a website development company.

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