Responsive Website Design Trends

Responsive Website Design Trends

Responsive website design has begin to be inconceivably popular in past few years because of the enhancement of mobile internet users.

We are safe to tell responsive web design is not going anywhere early, as it represents a easy, simple and affordable way for professions to make a fully-functional mobile-friendly website. But on other end responsive website design do come with some technical issues if not care out appropriately, the most vital being performance.

To Ensuring that a responsive web design performs at the spire of its ability, designers should:

Developers should avoid CSS and JavaScript image loading using the display:none tag. because its add the needless loading on the web page.

Developers should use responsive images which are defined using a percentage(%) instead of html value via attributes. Such asimg {max-width:100%}

Avoid and pay particular attention to third-party java scripts which is used mostly for the social sharing, chat systems, flipflop forms as these often effects negatively and reduce performance of the websites.

Use RESS – Responsive and Server Side component for responsive website design implementation.

Developers should apply performance testing into the process in order to optimize each and every website.