The ever evolving world of websites and the Latest Web Design Trends to follow in 2021

The ever evolving world of websites and the Latest Web Design Trends to follow in 2021

Technology is ever-evolving and the competition growing greater. To survive in this contemporary era you have to maintain your pace with both. There is no alternative to being left behind or even totally lost. Your business website is a critical component for your business or brand. Just as you invest in the improvement or advancement of your brand and its marketing you need to work upon the refurbishment of your company website. Your website and your brand need to work in tandem, after all. Misalignment can harm not only the brand but also the confidence of your client.

Certain trends continue to maintain their importance like responsive and mobile-friendly design practices, fast load speeds, clear and user-friendly UI/UX design, and brand-centric design. Such trends will continue being essential as they are directly connected with the website's functionality. In this article, we will discuss about the latest innovative upcoming trends of 2021 that have made the websites more interactive and easy to be linked with the related brand.

Now what needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that not all website trends make equal sense for all business websites.

Dark design or dark background

In addition to looking ultra-modern, dark mode web designs are simple on the eyes and make colors and design elements pop.

The most visually spectacular trends in web design often have realistic beginnings. For OLED displays, dark themes are better, saving power and extending screen lifespans, but that user does not keep them from looking good. For a truly dynamic design, dark backgrounds boost the visibility of other accent colors.

Imperfect graphics or hand drawings

Special and stylized, hand-drawn icons and other elements expose the personality of your brand and stand out from your rivals. This rebellious trend is actually almost a counter-movement to the pixel-perfect flat design trend, so flaunt your scratchy edges and open shapes to demonstrate how your brand is human and lifelike.

We will see more designers incorporating intentionally messy-looking elements to their web designs, whether they be hand-drawn icons or hand-made illustrations.


Before VR becomes more popular and cost-effective, the only way to create an immersive environment for your site is hyper-realistic 3D that sometimes takes up the entire screen. We expect to see more interactive 3D web designs pulling users into the boundaries between digital space and reality and visually breaking them down.

Soft shadows and floating designs

Add depth and layer to your design with shadows and floating elements. Not just graphics, it can be used with text and photos also. These effects offer a lightweight feeling to the design, as though the components float over each other, a sharp contrast to the classic, impenetrable flat design where the layers look, well, flat.

Blending images with graphics

Real photographs mixed with illustrations or graphics help communicate customized messages. Photos of products or people encourage branding and make a website stand out from that of the competitors.

To make the most of the versatility of this trend, be sure to align the style of the illustrations and graphics with the personality of your company. Cartoon squiggles for something more playful, or geometric and complex diagrams for something more sophisticated, may affect how people perceive the photograph.

White spaces and frames

Designers gravitate to solid structures and play with various ways of using lots of white space (and space of any color, for that matter) to give more structure to their designs and use clean framing to give stability to their designs and a canvas to leap off.

In 2021,  we will see large white space frames that offer a solid structure to web designs. Framing provides the perfect foundation for making visuals shine by giving each feature on the page a generous amount of space. Neatly organized website frames provide a pleasing sense of order and help prioritize all the various parts of a page and isolate them.

Glowing color schemes

We're going to see brave color pairings that are strategically used to make web designs leap off the frame. Using glow-in-the-dark neon and highly saturated colors in conjunction with darker, subdued shades to give the designs a luminous feel, web design is becoming more bold and daring. Unique web designs with duotones are visually interesting and attractive. And you can turn almost any picture into the branding of your business with the aid of the duotone effect. 

Fascinating color schemes will play a key role in web design in 2021. Glowing and luminous colors can really shine with web design patterns like intense minimalism and dark mode on the rise.

Minimalist designing

The coming year will witness more of video and voice script and less of text. It would display more of facts and figures than descriptions. The rise of wearable devices like smartwatches etc has made designs simpler enhancing navigation and usability making it advantageous for people with small attention spans.