How do you make a Good Contact us Page to Acquire Leads for your Website?

How do you make a Good Contact us Page to Acquire Leads for your Website?

The contact page is becoming an afterthought for many businesses. It's one of your website's most popular sites, and it's where you launch a conversation with potential customers. As is always the case with communication sites, a potential client is lost if it fails to deliver the final action by the customer.

There is no need for your contact page to be overly designed or loaded with detail, but just the exact and appropriate details. From the home page, it must be readily available. In order for users to easily find it, you should position the link to your "Contact Us" page on a prominent (expected) location on the website. It goes without saying that your "Contact Us" page should be clean and the layout should reflect the visual identity of your company, etc. They are linked to your active corporate social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to give visitors a way to engage with your business.

You can connect with customers through talk, calling, email, speech, Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Viber, and whatever, with modern technologies.

Not only is this convenient for clients, but the conversion rates will also be positively impacted. This sort of variety of contact channels is priceless for any business owner. Never underestimate the importance of all communication channels. For consumers, comfort is the secret, and a satisfied customer transforms into a loyal one.

You should take “ contact form ” on your website as the backbone of the lead generation. But ensure to have limited fields:

  • name

  • email address

  • contact number

  • reason for contacting

Include All your Contact Details Along with the Methods of Contacting

It may seem obvious, but your contact details are the most important element to include on your contact page. Everyone of them. From a user interface viewpoint, think about it. You do not know how you want to be approached by your customers. Most individuals would like to email you, but unless it is the policy of your organization to conduct business only through a limited number of techniques, it is better to include all modes of contact.


  • Email Address(es) or contact form

  • Physical/Mailing Address

  • Embedded Google Map and link

  • Operating Hours

  • Phone number

  • Social Media

  • Other contact methods

Best E-mail Method

If you don't have a staff member who can constantly handle a generic inbox, a communication form with a drop-down menu of general subjects is a great choice. You can guide the emails to the contact points attached to those topics via the drop-down menu.

Different CTA’s for Different Needs

Not everyone is willing to buy on your contact page. In the exploratory/research stages, some enter your contact page, some may have a question they couldn't find an answer to on your web, some may have technical difficulties with your site, and yes, some are ready to purchase your services. These variations should be recognised by your contact page.

You should make it clear in the copy on your page that you welcome contact from anyone requesting a consultation, wanting more information, or any other common requests you get from potential clients (you would know best what they are). You may either have a drop-down topic for them to select or have a link to your webmaster's email for anyone who may have noticed an error on your website.

Keep Up to your Customer Expectation

Customers are getting accustomed to instantaneous answers to their inquiries with the popularity of website chat features and 24/7 customer service hotlines. Setting standards for when they should expect a response is crucial. This information can be used in the automatic response if you're using a contact form. Mention the response time if your contact page lists email addresses without a form.

You may also highlight certain circumstances on your contact page for certain questions or inquiries that you want to deal with through particular contact methods. This way, if anything is better done on the telephone versus email, or email versus social media, you can direct people to the best contact method and avoid wasting their time.

Automated Responses to Please your Customers

When creating and writing a copy for your contact page, don't forget your automated answers about the elements you can't see. To build a nice copy that thanks them for their email, it is necessary to take time to set standards for response times. The tone of voice should be personable, much like the copy on your contact page.

If you have a drop-down menu, depending on what subject the user has selected, you will be able to send various automated messages. Including as much personalisation as you can is vital.

Keep it Simple

It is important to design your contact page, but it should remain as clear as possible. Animations or other distracting components do not need to be added. The data should, instead, be allowed to shine. Build contact pages that take priority over the most important details. It is a design achievement on its own to have all the appropriate details presented pleasingly, so do not add any needless complexities.

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