Optimize your website speed to Enchain comer

Optimize your website speed to Enchain comer

In the fast pace world every one flowing fast, people don’t have enough time to pass away on single website. They desire frequent answers and response which they require. Visitors chiefly prefers search engines to quest their query, so they quickly make search and speedily open max to max top 5 to 6 website from the list and visit them and don’t prefer to wait for loading period of website. if its happen, they straightway jump on other websites.

For any kind of website such as informative, e commerce, corporate or personal, each and every website owner expect good visitors with low bounce rate. A good user experience increase the the high engagement of users and higher conversion rates and for that owners need to be sure about the page loading speed of websites.

For speed up your website need to be keep in mind following terms.

Enable gzip compression:

gzip compression is the effective way to speed up website and save bandwidth. On the fast lane modern browsers also support compression.

Process with gzip –

Browser request to server for the file

Server search the file

convert it in zip

send to browsers

browser unzip the file

show in to the browser

Minimize redirects

Sending users to one location to other locations without knowing the user desire that is redirection. Developers perform redirection in many ways but each way of redirection hurts the user experience and website loading speed. Therefore website owners need to minimize the redirection on the web page.

External Embedded Media

Generally Normal website take 2 to 4 second to load on browser and e commerce websites takes 7 to 10 second to for load. External embedded media on the web page such as video, slides take extra time to load and hurt the website speed. Therefore to show the video kind of content on the website, host your video on your server.

Lots of Ads

Many website owners keep different kind of ads on a website for earning, but keep in mind over ads are harmful for a perfect website speed. And it make user unhappy and give the bad user experience.

Enable browser caching

In short google instructing for good user experience Leverage the browser caching.

Widget/Plugin Overload

These days developers mostly prefer different CMS to design and develop website and directly use different widget and plugin for manage the featuring of website. But overloading of features with plug ins and their updates make website speed slow and bad in terms of seo.

Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Java script, CSS, html have unnecessary heavy quantity code which make website speed slow. So compress those files and codes with different available tools directly.

Optimize images

Users mainly attract with images, graphic designs, and sliders on websites, because images are always I catching for every user. But high quality images take enough time for downloading. So developers need to make sure to optimize the website with photo shop tool. Make the quality low without reducing the image size and creativeness.