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SEO or search engine optimization is considered a manipulative technique that can have an impact on how websites are ranked by search engines. If done well it can improve a website’s visibility in the SERP or search engine result pages. This is partially correct. Google often keeps on updating its algorithm, to ensure that only good SEO practices are implemented by website owners . Proper techniques or white hat techniques in the SEO world, are those that not only help a web page rank high but also help people find relevant information effortlessly. So SEO is no longer about sneaky techniques to deceive search engines and its users.

In other words SEO not only serves – a website owner, blogger, entrepreneur but most of all- the user. Hence for an effective SEO you require an agency expertizing in the same, and the expert is FODUU that will definitely improve your rankings in the search engine better than any other promovare seo or optimizare seo in Bucharest. Below are certain tips that’ll assist you in making your on line space more visible in depth of internet and more user friendly.

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Intuitive structure

It is very important that you organize the site’s architecture and navigation well as it is very crucial both for your visitors as well as crawlers. If a site is structured well, all the pages and sub- pages are easily found and indexed by search engine crawlers, as search engines go through a link structure to find an index page.
# Although the web pages may be optimized for many different keywords, but you have to include one keyword that has the highest search volume, in the URL address. # Choose a static address than a dynamic one. Though there is not much of a difference in both and search engines can easily understand both, but for human beings dynamic URL’s are illegible.
# Avoid using underscores as the words are read without space and are difficult to understand. Instead use hyphens are more appropriate.
# URL address should be brief and relevant. it’ll be easier for the visitor to understand in a glance, what a website is all about.

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SERP presence

# Create a short and sweet title tag. It appears on SERP, social media , external pages and in browsers. It defines your on line presence, so it should be catchy enough to attract the attention of your targeted audiences.
# The meta description should be very impressive. Meta description is the short paragraph of about 150-160 characters that is displayed under the title tag on the SERP. This is a golden opportunity to impress visitors to click and visit your site.
# ALT attributes should be used for all images as crawlers won’t read images without the ALT text. It helps crawlers to understand images. Also optimize images with proper keywords.


SEO is based on keywords as it is a key to find out what user is typing to search sites like you. We need a relevant list of keywords, for which research is required. GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER helps in this context (free tool in google adwords). You have to pick up the most relevant words from the given suggestions. But the keywords should have high number of searches yet should have less competition, that is not many websites should have optimized them.

There is also a tricky part about these keywords, that there are three main types of keywords- generic, broad match and long tail. You have to make an effective strategy to mix all types of keywords in a way, so as to get different variety of traffic, as different types of keywords attract different traffic. Generic keywords, though competitive provide a lot of traffic. Broad match keywords will be the most ideal one, as they provide a good balance between traffic and relevance for the site. They are more targeted to get visitors that are more likely to become customers. Long tail as the name implies are lengthy typed texts. These provide less traffic but are the ones that visit the site to get some information and stay engaged for a longer time.
Another most important thing about keywords is that location should also be mentioned to get relevant traffic. For example, if you have a local store then you would require visitor from the same city or nearby places. The placement of keywords also plays a very important role as not every place in the content holds the same SEO power. The ideal places can be headlines, sub- headings and bold sections within the text. One thing to keep in mind is that keywords should be used in a way that they don’t appear to be stuffed in the content unnecessarily. They should look natural and have relevance for their presence otherwise the web page will look unattractive to both users and crawlers, in turn affecting user experience and site ranking. Also if one keyword is emphasized more and used in every part of the page that is heading, subheadings, text, links and images.
But all these practices will go in vain if after the site has been launched, we don’t track the performance of the keywords, that whether those particular keywords are improving your ranks in SERP.
An effective SEO helps users who have a particular need pertaining to your site, but are unaware about your site. Search for FODUU the perfect answer to your digital queries and provides affordable website as compared to any other web design Romania.


Content is the heart of your site that will always keep the crown. If the content is of visitor’s use’ informative, search engines will also rank you higher on SERP’s. Also it should be updated timely to keep the site fresh. Make sure the content is flawless to make it look like a high quality one. No grammatical mistakes and uniqueness will make all the difference. If you develop a buyer persona before creating your content you know what piece matters your audiences. The content should be easy, clear and well understood. If appropriate images, infographics,real life examples and videos are used in combination with the content, it will make the entire stuff engaging.


Inbound links that come to your site are another important SEO feature’ that will help improve your rankings. But they should come from high quality sites and should be free of cost as sponsored links do not assure sustainable backlink juice. Instead of that if you find a respected blog or media outlet and expose your niche through your writing skills, answering in quora or writing articles will give you real value traffic. Also giving backlinks can also prove to be profitable as in the SEO world currency is links, when you help someone people will help you in return and also your presence will be noticed.


Link building is effective and you can enhance the chances by increasing your presence in social media channels. The fact cannot be denied that social media will tend to improve the rankings to the utmost as in today’s mobile world the maximum traffic is attracted by these social media channels.

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Along with monitoring your backlinks, you also need to keep an eye on your competitors on page and off page activities to promote his website. This is not to ape its strategies but to present yourself inj a unique way.
Last but definitely not the least if you feel that any of the above mentioned activities is not giving sustainable results you can change or transform it as per your convenience. For professional website design come to us . COME TO FODUU.