The success of an e-commerce website does not solely depends upon the quality of the products and services . This is like laying the entire responsibility on the shoulders of the owner. Then what is the need of a web design company? The design of the e-commerce website and how it is marketed are also two of the most important factors that dominate its success and failure. A good e-commerce website possesses and offers all the means for the customer and merchant to experience a fruitful transaction. FODUU web design and development company expertises in delivering an exemplary and unmatched e-commerce website as they have their own and unique e-commerce website platform. Its team also include SEO experts who help in creation of an optimized design assuring higher ranks in the SERP’s. Below are few features that will assist you well while designing an e-commerce website or redesigning the old one.

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* top level domain with SSL

* highlighted and well positioned logo
* user friendly navigation on every page
* wish list CTA- this can be used by the customer in cases when he is interested in the product but wants to check or buy it later. The customer can make a list of such products and can check the details of the product as and when he gets time, and then make a decision.
* customer information- it is mandatory that the customer should register or login before proceeding to pages of the website or doing any purchase or transactions. This should be placed on the top bar of the landing page. This newsletter sign up form where the customers enter their e-mail id also helps in sending them special offers or new arrivals if any.
* location- if your website also has a physical store and you wish to inform the customers about the same, then the map and directions should also be placed at the top bar for customers convenience.
* website review- the review about different products will be on different pages, but a reviews about the site should be placed at the homepage and on the top bar itself to effect the customers buying decisions.
* language options- this is very important if the website is meant to proliferate in different regions and countries, to ease customer purchase. But for this, the site should have multiple versions of pages serving purpose of people from different regions or countries. This option will help the user to switch between different pages.

* contact number- often overlooked but this is a very essential part. The customer gets the satisfaction that his queries will be resolved, if any. Moreover it also provides credibility to the firm. So, phone no, e-mail id or inquiry form submission should be present at necessary places.

* tempting offers- the reason to make the customers stay for a longer time on the site or say interesting and attractive offers like free shipping or return offers to make them stick to the site should be presented to them in the initial stage itself to reduce the risk of the customers bouncing away from the site. Special loyalty offers for old customers or those who make a purchase of a good amount, in the form of reward points or so should be liberally given. Certain investments in present will give incredible returns in future.

* add to cart- not to mention, an indispensable part of an e-commerce website, placed on the top right corner.

* search bar- again a very integral part of the website, and should be well optimized and fast. This can also be a big reason for conversions.

* CTA at initial stages itself- relevant call to action buttons linking to product categories, sales pages, offer pages etc need to be brought to attention as soon as possible. This is also a reason for conversion and consumers increased engagement on the site. Also special products, new arrivals or best of your selling products can pop up or follow the line.

* related product display- items searched or purchased by the potential customers are saved in the cookies of the website. Those products can be displayed on and often on their screens. This is another way to increase your sales.
* informative content- not much of a content should be put on an e-commerce website, as people often visit the site to make searches or purchases, and find it irritating if the site is full of text. But some information about the company’s history and description about your business is needed from the SEO perspective so that the people can be sure about you and the quality of your products and services. Also a short description as to why you are better than your competitors or why people should make purchases from your site and not others, is needed. Your USP defines your speciality.
* customer care and queries- the homepage should be capable of holding all the important
information and links to all the pages of the website. It should be like a charioteer controlling the ropes of all the horses. To ease the navigation of the customer this hosting page should possess links to all the pages at the footer. These important pages can be of FAQ’s, returns and exchanges, store locater, shipping information, order tracking etc.
* mentioning the payment modes- the payment system icons should also be present on the footer. This is customary as it informs the customers which modes of payment you accept. All the popular payment methods should be accepted.
* substantially illuminating footer- the footer should also provide information about the sites linking with different social media accounts. Also standard documents like privacy policy, terms and conditions and a site map is required at the bottom of the page.


* fascinating images and size- although large size images attract more but they should also not be very enlarged and should also be relevant. The size should also remain consistent throughout.

* divided and sub-divided categories- since the site has to offer a wide variety of products and also an extensive range of each product, it is really important that a breadcrumb navigation is offered, so that the customers can easily browse through product categories.

* clear and visible description about the number of pages- it is practically impossible to display all the products under each category, but at least a number of products and range offered should be mentioned on the pages.

* product filtering and sorting
* text- short, general description about the category is needed for SEO.


* use of eye- catchy writing styles for product titles
*images with zoom in functionality
* price information along with discounts or offers if any. It would be more alluring if old prices are also mentioned and crossed upon.
* purchase quantities and product variables- a field or an option should be provided so that the customers can select and enter the number, size and color of their order.
* yet another add to cart and product description besides every product, is essential
* product reviews and ratings along with the list of related products should also be mentioned on the footer of each page.

* clear cut transactions- all the products added to the cart, along with price, quantity along with clear mention of discounts done, shipping costs( offer low shipping costs) and taxes if any should be done . Also flexible options to edit or remove the order should be provided.
* details about delivery dates, replacement or return facility should also be provided.
* Assurance about security- security seals or trust badges near the field where customers enter their credit card details is necessary to assure them that their security is your utmost priority.


You can get personal with your customers through social sites. Their posts or wishes should be warmly welcomed. Moreover links should be provided to blog pages and popular posts to the customers so that they can get profitable information.


To build a unique e-commerce website it is important that you assign the job to an expert like FODUU who can assist you in not just the front end but also back-end construction. Back end involves a lengthy and minute detailing and maintenance. FODUU is an ideal ecommerce store builder india and offers splendid e-commerce design that will make you strong from both the front as well as back end. It aims at lightening burden of your shoulders as it realizes that the creation and maintenance of an e-commerce website is not an easy job and requires a lot of patience, hard work and perseverance. It walks with you in cooperation , understanding your needs and providing a responsive , well optimized design so that you get a higher rank in all the search engines as it is also a search engine optimization firm. It also checks that the site is compatible with all the browsers and assures a fast load time to eliminate all the chances of bouncing. Our only motto is customer satisfaction, and we leave no stone unturned in providing a standard and most importantly an affordable website.