Just type ‘qualities of a good web design agency’, or ‘how to choose best web design agency’ and the results are surely going to muddle your heads up, as to which one to choose as in today’s scenario it is really difficult to trust anybody as what they preach is different from what they practice. All the agencies will claim a lot much, but when it comes to putting it to action all the steps get back or divert. At FODUU we have come across a couple of clients who had signed up with other agencies but had to shove their contracts or call off due to quality falling short of what was promised. And so, we pledged to provide exceptional web services and solutions in comparison to any other web design agency. Certain factors are needed to be considered before choosing a web design agency. The internet is a competitive market, so there is a need for an agency that not only understands your business goals and target audience, but also has the necessary resources to cater to your needs. Your website is your online face and so you need to ensure that visitors and potential customers get the best brand experience possible to succeed and convert.

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The ideal place to find the web agency is to search for it on line. The major reason behind this is to check whether they are proficient enough to get a good rank in the SERP for themselves. If they’re are unsuccessful in bringing laurels for their own selves how will they favor you. This would be somewhat like having a sweet shop but not have had experienced the taste on oneself. A good agency should be able to build an excellent website for themselves. Although you should not judge them by looking for those elements in their website which you are expecting in your own site, as every company has different needs and so the inclusion of aspects on their website is determined on the basis of their requirements. If the site has passed the ranking test, means it must be perfect as to pass through google’s parameters is a difficult task. But still you should check on every trait like color scheme, navigation, load times, images and graphics involved, videos etc. but even with all these elements the site should not look cluttered. The very important point to check here would be the testimonials and reviews of the previous clients it had worked with along with their name and URL. This will help you check the current state of their site and give you a further insight of their capabilities.



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Now when you are ready with a list of such agencies its time to meet and rank them personally as to which one will be worth your investment. Before going to meet them you should do a homework and be ready with your set of questions and queries. These could be


* what services they offer
* what strategies will they use to generate revenue for your site
* how will your project be managed
* who all will be working on your website- their qualifications
* how long is it going to take
* how do they price their services and what all will be included in the package offered
* are they proficient in building a responsive design
* what about the SEO
* which CMS do they use
* are they up to the minute with the modern design trends
* will they integrate social media into your website
* do they offer on -going maintenance, and also their charges

It is very important that every minute detail is discussed and sorted before hand to avoid any further confusion. Both the aspects should be involved to make it a worthy conversation. That is they should listen to your ideas as you know your business best. Also they should not be dumb and nod their heads, instead come up with exciting ideas on the table. A good web design agency will listen to you patiently and reply to you professionally, intelligently yet politely. They should explain unfamiliar terms to you. It is very important that you should have congenial relations with the agency you choose to hire so that you can frankly speak up if you don’t like any design and they should conveniently contact you in case of any confusion and regular updates. Once you have vetted your agencies, you have to make a wise choice.



Fascinating designs are important but a good web design agency knows that it should be about establishing a user- centered design. Not only should a web agency invest in designers but also in good copywriters. As rightly said “design attracts, copy sells”. Content is an essential substance needed to engage visitors and convert them to customers. The content writer should ensure fresh and quality content relevant to your brand. Even if you are redesigning your website and are already having a content he can edit and fine tune it. He can also suggest enthusiastic taglines for banners and brochures. Like in case of an e- commerce website, the design varies. FODUU offers a lucrative design for e-commerce websites as it has its own CMS platform for the same and can make a design unmatched to other e-commerce companies If the agency offers these quality services then only will it be considered as professionally sound.


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A website will be a mere piece of digital paper, if not promoted systematically and productively. The website agency you hire should be well versed in both SEO and SEM services, as both these methods are important in driving qualified traffic to a website.


Since most people are now using social media platform like facebook, twitter, intagram etc to perform searches, hence social media marketing has become highly relevant. If the web agency is not active on social media itself how will it proffer these services to you. SMM is the perfect leverage to interact with your customers and even garner traffic that supports your SEO efforts. The social media presence of the agency will also give you an idea about its team.


They say “first impression is the last impression”, but the last impression is the deep impression or long lasting impression. A thank you page is the last opportunity for you to call the customers to make an action. This page is very important both in terms of leaving a good impression as well as providing convenience to the customer to submit an order. If the website agency does not bother to have a thank-you page for themselves, haw will they include it in your site. I might sound sucky, but inclusions like these showcase their value – added initiatives for their client’s website to become effective.


This is yet another aspect that proves the credibility of the agency. This shows that they consider their visitors precious enough to share their knowledge in the industry. If the agency is giving time and resources to their own site they will very well do the same for you. This also showcases their written abilities, so it gives you a chance to test their writing skills. Well, I guess enough of analysis done. Now go shoot.