Do you know what is the most invalid question that can be asked in today’s world ? Is website helpful for the growth of my business ? The very obvious answer is YES. In this modern world of itization where technology and internet dominates every aspect of our life it is surprising to know that very few small businesses posses a website inspite of so many web design company Auckland .

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What is even more astonishing is the fact that 47% of the people spend a considerable amount of their time online.41% of small business owners don’t even feel the need of a website. Perhaps they’re unaware of its outstanding outcome.Web designing is now affordable with FODUU. They aim at providing quality web designing at the most affordable prices as compared to any cheap website design Auckland.

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1. Lays trust on your existence
A website can also be understood as as your business address. This is the place where you can be spotted by your customers, clients and associates.2015 survey showed 84%of consumers believe that having a website makes business trustworthy than just advertising it on any social media page.
2. Accelerates growth of your business
This is web When there was no broadband technology website was just a mere piece of providing information about a business or publicizing it amongst the masses, but now with the growth of internet and mobile it now has the ability to gear up your business to infinite limits
*Hit the bulls eye-
It is really strange that 21% of businesses are working without a website whereas 36% of clients prefer to deal with businesses having a website.
*Share your tales –
Connect with customers -People will surely associate with you if you honestly confess about your starts, struggles, sufferings and finally success stories. They build an emotional connection with you when you ensure that their plans will now be your goals and you will work sincerely towards there accomplishment.
*Build your army –
When we have a mission you need soldiers for action. A we’re hiring page on your website can help you find your team. You can post your requirement on social media where interested candidates can fill up forms and if worthy you can plan a rendezvous with them.
4.Power of a mobile friendly website
If your business is not having a website you are limiting its ability to generate more income. And if it is a mobile friendly website it will act as a cherry on the cake, as 65% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. FODUU is perfect in making a mobile friendly website like any other website development Auckland.
5. Build an effective relationship
Customers patronize brands they can align their values with. Consider your business as a living entity. Ensure your customers that there needs will be your topmost priority.
*Introduce yourself –
The homepage, landing page, and about us page act as a destination to share your thoughts and ideas.
*Work accordingly-
Learn to cater to the needs of your audiences. Invite them, be friendly, and get engaged with them by encouraging their reviews about your blogs. Survey and contact forms can help you address to their needs and also provide you suggestions for improvement. *Educate-
The ratio should be 80-20 . 80% content on your website should be customer’s delight, that is of their importance and 20%should be educative.
8.Sustainability and longitivity
Website gives you a fair chance of making your website a 24 hour working channel that can be easily assessed by anybody at anytime . Moreover it can be updated in regular intervals that helps you to stay fresh in the market and not just provides you new customers but also help you retain the older ones
9. Keep a watch through google analytics
You can keep a track about your website’s performance. It also provides data on how your business has been moving within a period of time.
*number of visitors coming
*number of unique visitors
*page views and impressions to know which page is the most attractive
*bounce rates
*average time of stay

FODUU is a legitimized company and is acknowledged for its SEO like any other SEO company in Auckland


In a nutshell, never be miser in this context and try to build your own website. All things need to be up to the mark.

To fulfill your target you need an affordable company like FODUU which is equally deserving and competent as compared to any other affordable website design in Auckland. At FODUU we offer creative, quality and custom web development at affordable rates along with bringing its client’s businesses at par with its competitors by doing effective SEO. FODUU is the best and Affordable SEO company in auckland.