When it comes to creation of an e-commerce website for online business the first choice is always Magento e-commerce. Its world class features in a well organized manner and commendable structure makes it stand out as a premier ecommerce web host. There are numerous reasons as to why magento cms is preferred as a platform for e-commerce solutions. Below are a few reasons magento commerce is more popular in spite of the presence of other platforms.

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  • User friendly navigation

  • Most search engine friendly

  • Provides flexibility in managing content, catalogue, looks and functionality

  • Provides a highly scalable and extensible design

  • Open source – free to build e-commerce structure

  • Optimized for SEO

  • Specialized for e-commerce

  • Quick check out option

  • Customizable themes- nice default template

  • Powerful marketing tool

  • Wide range support network




  • Generates revenue from effective tools like cross sells and up sells that entice users to buy more products
  • Updates website automatically

  • Flexible pricing rules

  • Supports multiple websites to promote product and services

  • Mobile friendly configuration

  • Add on modules

  • Simplified browser and cross browser support

  • Safer and more secure upgrade and payments

  • Multilingual and multi currency support

  • Integrates with Pay Pal, Braintree and Authorise Net

Magento Versions

magento community edition (free)

magento enterprise edition (paid)

Magento GO ( paid and hosted on magento’s servers)


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An ideal e-commerce CMS is required for running online store. Fortunately there are two open sources available which makes it beneficial even for small online stores – wordpress and magento. Different CMS have different features and it is difficult to pick one, leaving us in a state of dubiety. So, in order to make a perfect choice it is very important that detailed study is done regarding the facts in accordance with our needs. Let’s compare both wordpress and magento so that we can make a fair choice for our business and building and effective professional website. Wordpress is a solution for content marketing and digital publishing goals. On the other hand Magento is focussed in building business website design and online sales website. Although wordpress becomes an e-commerce website if a plugin called woocommerce is installed. Wordpress has a moduled structure and allows organized variations. IT does not require any licensing and is compatible with major servers online. It also has a huge support of community developers, content writers and newcomers.


Characteristics of Woocommerce websites

  • Integrates with google analytics
  • Supports unlimited product
  • Supports wordpress themes and also offers customization
  • Includes basic security feature
  • Convenient to use
  • Allows you to pick any payment processor through extensions
  • Offers dozens of free premium themes.

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Pros of magento website

* It supports product reviews, grouped items, wish lists, advanced pricing rules and product personalization.

* Intuitive admin interfaces and product creation tools

Cons of magento website

* Technical knowledge is required .

* enterprise edition is very costly

Pros of woocommerce

* free and popular

* customizable

* flexible and secure

* SEO and user friendly

* simple yet complete solution for a professional e-commerce website

Cons of woocommerce website

* It is vulnerable or easy to hack

* it requires frequent updates, that is new and advanced features in terms of plugins etc are introducen often for which it needs to be refreshed.

* too slow to handle large data.



Woocommerce is totally an open source platform whereas magento offers free community version as well as several paid services.

Woocommerce requires hosting from other sources, on the other hand Magento is self hosted, although the charges are included in the package chosen.

Woocommerce is user friendly, that is businessman without any technical knowledge can work on woocommerce, make additions, necessary changes and even updates whereas magento cannot be used without technical knowledge.

Both can support blog posts, site pages, products, shopping carts, customer accounts and order history.

Security matters- both are highly secure but the add-ons, themes and plugins chosen and the misconfigured server security flaws, makes the server security vulnerable. So it is important to choose reliable hosting.

Both are SEO friendly but for wordpress, its important to choose clean coded themes and install a plugin such as yoast SEO to manage custom page, titles and meta description. Magento requires well scripted theme. If title and alt text is added to each image it can increase traffic with the help of image searches.

Wordpress is ideal for small enterprises having short term goals. Magento is ideal for big enterprises having long term goals.

After analyzing we can choose a convenient option which is in accordance with our needs. FODUU professional web development company assists in creation of an ideal and cheap e-commerce website on both the platforms and doing justice to your business. Other than these FODUU offers its own CMS. It is a paid source but ensures that the aspired target will be achieved, as it takes total responsibility and guarantees favorable outcomes.


* favorable for long term business goals and big enterprises.

* simple interface / user friendly

* highly customizable

* build after high level research

* adaptable to your needs

* pre- built modules for advanced needs

* one time cost

* fast loading

* uploads millions of products

* highly secure

Nothing is perfect . If there are qualities there ought to be drawbacks.


* low level community support

* consumes time to build, although the platform is set as per requirement . Perfection consumes time.

* expensive- its bit on higher side as compared to wordpress and and magento but takes whole soul responsibility of favorable outcomes.

FODUU’s e-commerce platform is very flexible, easy to operate,convenient to edit and gives total power and dominance to the businessman to make changes as and when wished. It keeps the user updated timely, and retains transparency all along. Clients can sort their queries easily on the dashboard as it is quite user friendly, and presents all the desired information in detail, like profits, comments, new orders, product details etc. It keeps you well informed about new customers weekly.. A dmin can easily monitor the working, services being rendered, coupons- active or expired. Categories are sincerely set according to the needs of the vendors and demand of customers who are our first and foremost priority. Details related to orders, billing, shipping etc are easily accessible. Offers open choice regarding payment methods. Administrator can keep an eye on approved and even on rejected products and work upon improvements. Information about new as well as old customers can be conveniently seen. The most impressive quality is that user has total dominance on the reviews. Opinions for improvement are always welcome but negative comments, derogatory words and view points with which the owner is not satisfied or can hamper the reputation of the company can be hidden easily by them. Wallet details are also clearly visible. Although quite similar to the peer CMS FODUU’S CMS is protruding in itself.