A website is one of the most essential elements of creating web presence especially for small business web development A comprehensive evaluation of business growth and marketing will help you to figure out, what makes a website successful ? Its not just beauty and looks that work for business advantage. Emphasizing just on this one aspect won’t bear fruits of your choice as it does not equate with effectiveness. Being presentable is not enough to pay you as per your expectations. If you are planning to create a new website or improve upon an already executed one, some points need to be kept in mind to make it super effective and convert it into a professional website design

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Work precisely towards significant audience

No stone should be left unturned to make the prospects stick to your site and firmly believe they are on the right place. Eye catchy captions, strictly directing towards the aim and fulfillment of the purpose as well as convincing and appealing along with giving positive vibes are a must. The audiences should get a feel that their search comes to an end right here. The discussion should be just be of their concern, be informative and solve business queries, and else no nonsense conversation is required as it is a professional website design and not an entertaining read.


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Perpetual importance of SEO company in Beijing

As it is the business is a small enterprise and on top of that if it is recognized by just a handful of people it seems to be in a condition of pity. SEO is now the need of the hour for businesses lucky to have had a website and trying to chase customers through it. SEO involves certain steps like adding keywords, title tags and other key phrases to different pages of your website , posts etc to direct traffic towards your website.We also have to keep demographics, brand perceptions, psycho graphics and audience needs in our mind .But be very sure to hire SEO experts like FODUU which is also a top SEO agency and adheres to white hat practices.

More and more of lead generation

Use effective lead generation magnets to attract prospects interested in your products, services and offers. 8 Invincible techniques to generate leads for your site *form filling pages * thank you pages( again asking to fill personal information) * CTA buttons(subscribe, try us for free, ,call us,etc) * kick back emails * sharing engaging videos * quizzes and contests * coming to notice by answering quora * blog posting

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Easy Navigation

Menu bar should be on top right, leading us to all important pages of the website. Be strategic with the logo design and convert it into a call to action that will lead to the landing page of the website.

Its very important to make sure that you choose an ideal web designing company like FODUU in comparison to any other best website designing company in Beijing. that promises to provide a dynamic website at affordable prices ( hosting and domain included in the package ), aimed at increasing your traffic in turn increasing your sales and profit.

Mobile friendly

Mobile devices are responsible for 50% traffic on the websites. This is a key reason for increased bounce rates, and the strange part is that it is not that expensive. Also google has started penalizing websites which are not mobile friendly, which makes this aspect even the more chief. Also it is highly frustrating that the developer is unaware that it is this device that we carry all the time and is the most handy to access internet.

Its very important to make sure that you choose an ideal web designing company like FODUU in comparison to any other best website designing company in Delhi. that promises to provide a dynamic website at affordable prices ( hosting and domain included in the package ), aimed at increasing your traffic in turn increasing your sales and profit.

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Accessible contact details

Contact details should be very clear. We emphasize on all major aspects and neglect minute but very important details, and contact information is one of them. NAP or name, address, phone number should be mentioned on every page, along with your e-mail id. It is important as it proves that the site and business is legitimate. * separate contact page should be created with a short n sweet contact form and linked to the navigation or menu bar. * social media accounts should be mentioned in the footer. * if the website aims at rendering services the phone number should be mentioned on the header of every page

Friendly Homepage

If you have a story to share regarding your struggles initially while setting up your business and gradually becoming a successful businessman, do share it with the audiences to prove how firm you are in facing challenges and proving yourself to be the best. You can also share images but make sure they are a real one and not virtual.

Active Blogging

  • You may consider it to be less important but actually this is the platform where you can prove that you have knowledge, but make sure to be informative, to the point without providing any stale news. Successful web design examples by FODUU will prove the worthiness of blogs.
  • Proves credibility

Testimonials and Reviews

  • Social proof is very important for personal recommendation according to 85% of customers. Also client videos, acknowledgements and awards etc need show off.
  • it’ll help strengthening your online presence making new customers because of broader audience and exposure.

Customized Cms

It is very important that the website is designed in accordance with needs of your business. It also becomes easy to make necessary changes and required updates for the user easily if it id easy to operate. FODUU provides you with a CMS That provides with facilities like SMS integration, e-mail marketing, short codes, SEO optimization option . These services are not provided by any other CMS, but are attached with FODUU CMS by default.

Secure socket layer

This component is very essential irrespective of the type of your business being e-commerce or not and level of your business being small or big.

* Helps in acquiring a higher google rank

*Insures security of your user’s data in case of an e-commerce websites

* Once you receive the ssl certificate’ the site URL changes to https and the data transferred between the visitors and you will be encrypted.


Tracking conversion Analytics

How much traffic is coming to your site and from what source? For how long are they staying and on which page? Are these real customers or random surfers. Are there chances of conversions? These and many more queries can be solved through google analytics. These questions are even more important if yours is a small business and each scent (visitor) counts. It also helps you to stay ahead of your competitors.