Web designing and development is a delicate and complicated process in itself right from user experience to performance analysis. Developing an enterprise website is equally complex and involves multiple aspects to consider . But an e-commerce web designing is very challenging as the users don’t just visit and leave but there is a flow of buying and selling along with money transactions, the developers have to work harder to make the process flawless and easy. FODUU strives towards delivering a perfect e-commerce website better than any other e-commerce web development company in Berlin.

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Optimized for Mobiles

Websites are in nowadays accessed more on mobiles and the sales traffic is also maximum through this device. So, it is very important for the website to be mobile friendly in turn providing them a pleasure shopping. The website has to be designed minutely to monitor the customer’s navigation , checkout and payment as a minor carelessness can lay a negative effect on the reputation of the website and the company as money is involved and loss of both the customer and company needs to be avoided. “According to recent statistics by 2017 around one fourth of e-commerce sales will be through mobile devices.” The Episerver CMS is a tool that helps in automatically implementing a responsive design.


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Monitoring Customer Navigation

A hardcore analysis of the customers in this website is required to promote sales in future. As well as track the demographic information about the customers so that the sales can be analyzed . Although it is very boring for the customers to create an account and give an elaborate information but is helpful in the long term for customers who wan’t to make re- purchase so that we can send them timely notifications about discounts, sales and offers and even try to tempt the customers who left the site without making any purchase or don’t have any plans for shopping in future from the same site.

Active Search Functionality

The use of search functionality needs to be universal in every category of the site to improve usability of the website and make it easy for the customers to categorize their search , save time and connect them directly with the manufacturer and further filter the search in terms of price range, size etc. If the information is well organized then products related to the aspired searches can also be made visible.

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Assured Security

It is not at all necessary to explain, why we need to work on this objective. It is very clear that when the business transactions and credit card payments will take place our customers will create an account through which the sales and purchases will be done. For this they’ll be feeding their personal information like names, contact numbers, address, e-mails and even account information along with ID proofs and this is our core responsibility to protect this confidential information. They not only deserve assurance of security from our side that their information will be kept confidential according to the PCI compliance but the information needs to be strictly secured by the SSL.

Be Very Particular About The Load Time

In this competitive business world where there are innumerable marketing sites the chances of your consumers bouncing rate from your site has increased a lot. Even a minor silly mistake can cost you a customer’s loss. Moreover in today’s busy scenario people have lost patience and have no time to wait and waste for your prolonged launch. They’ll have had skipped to another site in a fraction of seconds. Statistics show 40% of users will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. These were a few aspects that need consideration before an e-commerce website development. No other web development company in Berlin will do the job as effectively as FODUU. FODDU offers custom website design services that will restrict trespassing. Also the professional web design costand even website redesign costs are cheaper due to which FODUU is a paragon for small business web development.

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Come to customers notice

There are many websites which are created to attract only targeted customers or are of importance to only a handful of people. In those cases SEO is done accordingly to reach only those handful of people.But when it comes to an e-commerce website, where there is no surety as to which bunch of people will be interested in our products, we have to plan an SEO strategy with broader site and is understood by all ages. If your pages don’t rank anywhere in the search engines the sales graph will not increase and remain stagnant, as no SEO means no existence

Indispensable importance

Another point that we cannot even afford to neglect is the growing competition. Out of the umpteen options of shopping when we feel only luck will bring us to people’s notice it is SEO that provides results that are cost -effective, well targeted ,measurable and long lasting. You will have to invest initially, but once you have formed an impact on the user’s mind they’ll surely get back to your site whenever they have a need, even if your jingle is not displayed on their monitors.

Opt for a deadly combo-SEO and PPC

I mean it, opting for the above duo will surely direct more and more conversions towards your website.

Compels even the disinterested buyers

SEO helps in making attractive and eye catchy campaigns. When these ads suddenly pop up even the snobs can’t control themselves from clicking the shop now buttons and indulging in shopping. Also if your web pages are full of offers and engaging stuff it will have an hypnotizing effect on the customers and make them stay on your site for a longer period.