A good website design example or say an ideal web design example is the one in which you find a WOW factor. This wow factor makes your website work. If you feel that your website is unable to hold the audiences you really need to work and fix the things on their place. You should never hesitate in trying out new ideas, because you never know even the weirdest of activities can turn out to be successful in achieving your goal of inventing the best website everHave you ever tried to sell a car with broken headlight, worn out color and on top of all that a very very old model? No offers , right? Reason bad impression. That's exactly why you need a best homepage design for your website. Analogous to a creaky car if your homepage is not impressive it will curb the appealing factor of your website. And its not just about aesthetics, its also about keeping consistent and converting. So in short, just as a car in wretched condition prevents buyers from even considering the sale, same goes for your website. People can't and won't change their mind until you give them an advantage for that and make converting easy and intuitive for them. The first step in winning over the customers is to understand the essential elements every homepage should have and also keeping in mind what will work best for your business and audience. FODUU web development agency helps in providing professional web design services and much more at fascinating prices.

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A homepage not just welcomes audiences to your website but also introduces them to your business, enchanting tales about its coming into existence, your aim, future goals and how you are of importance to them, further compelling them to explore the depths of your website. PLEASE KEEP IT SIMPLE. Yes, people often make things complex assuming that it will be favorable for them, when it is actually not required. When you plan about a homepage design, we should start with the basics and avoid making it a cluttered mess. What are the elements you need in your homepage, what are people's expectations, what are the things you need to prioritize? The answer to these questions is the key to design the most apt homepage for your website. FODUU web design agency helps to design a page that is more impressive than any other paginas web Bogota and that too at affordable prices.

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Have you ever heard about the word USP. Its full form is unique selling preposition or in other words
something that you possess and others don't, something that you have to offer and your competitors don't,
something that can draw others attention towards you and not towards others that easily. If your
homepage possesses this USP you're more likely to lure in more potential customers by your effective


Every person who visits your website has some purpose. It might be to check out your product range, read the blogs or even to check whether you sell a particular type of product or service. Regardless, your main aim should be to help them land on their expected and most appropriate page, for which effective navigation is needed.

In this world of competition, it is very difficult to convert visitors into customers. You should avoid making silly mistakes like not placing any information form on the front page itself. Along with this if your homepage is attractive, it will not only create a strong impression, but also give your audiences a reason to make a revisit in future or when they require anything. So even if you don't make a sale today you are more likely to make it some other day from the same customer perhaps after a few days or weeks to buy from you if you provide them a pleasant experience.


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Have you ever wondered why is it so easy to mug up radio jingles than written text. Because they keep on
reoccurring . Similarly if your eye catchy brand logo in synchronization with a rhyming tagline, is center
staged on every page it will easily get fed in the user's brain. It should be displayed starting right from the
homepage as it is the gateway to your site. Also make sure the information provide is fathomable by the
user, that is you don't have to force the website audience to have to figure out and guess about your work.
Make it clear from the get go.

A few examples of FODUU’s work will prove how it is better than any other pagina’s web Bogota


Just as the site is launched on the screen, the very home page defines it all, that it is an e- commerce website that offers a wide range of products. The left section describing categories eases filteration. It focuses on one thing- getting visitors to search for their desirables.


This is my most favourite one. Rightly said images speak better than words. It is hence proved in this site. The serene image at the home page, brings the mind at peace. An apt logo and well placed navigation links, followed by comprehensive informative bars and frequent CTA’s give you a perfectly finished and beautiful site compelling to plan a splendid stay.



A very informative website of an anti drone defense system with impressive background images of finest
color combination. The designer is successful in showing his talent of animation by presenting rotational pages. The thank you page in the end successfully hits the bull’s eye.


An effective use of animation – sliders for images, spinners for graph, and counter for achievements. The
site successfully attracts the attention and narrows the concentration on the screen.


The indicator dots on the home page guides and lead you into the world of RK ORGANIZATION where
it makes clear in the very first go, what it has to offer. Images of pickles and spices tickles the taste buds
of the visitors.


A neat and green site created with attractive font style. Images are in accordance with the products. The
images also encourage to stay healthy and dig in deeper to seek more and more information.