Web designing is more of an art than business. In the market of web developers, finding that one designer who knows how to maintain a balance between this art and business and provides a professional website design is something that sounds easier said than done task. An ideal developer is the one who takes into account the client, the message he or she wants to convey, plans the best strategy and how to draw more and more traffic towards the site through his craftsmanship. With their patience, perseverance and talent they design a website that is attractive, clear, informative, user friendly and responsive, in short a masterpiece. Their are a few qualities that every web developer needs to keep in mind as these are the anticipated aspects by the clients before hiring them. FODUU has an experienced team of web developers that provide professional website design services at surprisingly affordable cost.

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There are only a handful of people who visit a particular site by typing its name, which they might have heard from the owner or probably from any other reference. But a bulk of them get to know about them from search engines, especially google, so the meta tag, titles, meta description and url are of immense importance with respect to the search engines as this is the platform where you are introduced to the audiences. Along with being clear, the description should provide a brief information in such a way that the visitors get captivated easily and feel compelled to click and dig in deeper. Along with this the designer should leave no stone unturned, in decreasing the load time, as the visitors lack patience and can flip in seconds. The design choices like animation, movements,colors and elements are some of the basic reasons behind a prolonged load time, so the developer should be judicious in choosing the right design elements. Also a good developer checks on how cleanly the site is coded.



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A content is considered to be the heart of a web page. Along with being pertinent, it should be easily understood, engaging and flawless. Incorrect information, blank pages,invalid hyper links or irrelevant information that not just wastes the visitors time but also annoys them should be strictly avoided.


Fresh stuff is always welcomed. A superlative developer will never give up on trying new things, learning something new everyday and consistently working upon bringing ideas into action that work undoubtedly and sincerely on what don’t. Innovation is a tool that will always make you stand out in the crowd. A developer should approach each project with critical thinking in terms of UI and graphic design. He should always push ideas in order to explore new boundaries.


A paragon never looks for alternatives but strives for solution. Getting stuck is a natural process and a part of handling things. Every designer comes across various issues but finds a way out of it too.



A weekly rendezvous with clients of active projects is imperative, not just for them but also for the developer. They get a chance to review the process, give their feedback and the developer can make corrections simultaneously, avoiding any later misunderstandings. Keep your clients in loop with the progress. FODUU web development agency offers custom web development to its clients.



An exemplary designer works in collaboration with his team. He sees that all the members work efficiently and in harmony in turn giving out positive results. He also welcomes his colleagues coherent suggestions and changes for betterment. He should possess good communication skills so as to express his vision and ideas clearly for the team to implement them impeccably. During the process he should keep asking the fellow designers if everything seems to them as crisp as to his own head. Bouncing ideas of one another throughout the design process will serve to make a refined delivery.


A very silly yet disastrous mistake that can cost a developer expensively is the mistake of not being aware of the market. Lack of knowledge is the biggest obstacle that can impede the designing process. How will you know the direction of work if you are not acquainted with the industry you are working for. On the contrary if you know what your market is you will create the most suitable design compatible with the target audiences.


A website is a medium of conversation between the client and its audiences. Every piece chosen should tell about the industry visually or wordly. For instance if the website is for store that’s a landmark for men’s wear, the very aesthetics should correspond and fit with the message.


Fluid grids, flexible images and media queries is an intricate dance between design and execution. The developer should know the drill and should have the talent of not creating any blunder.


This aspect, I don’t understand why, but is underrated and seldom discussed. An impressive presentation is expected in every work, be it a chef, a dancer or any creative field. Presentation skills are of vital information if you want to succeed in selling ideas. There are many tools and softwares that can help in this context and deliver a variety of designs and not move in a typical flow.


Clients want to see work that really says something. For this he looks for a designer who has passion for his work and also someone with whom he can discuss every minute detail comfortably. A client and developer work with each other off and on for a long time so they really need to get along well with each other. A developer needs to be incredibly observant. He should be indispensable in his professional design work and have the ability to see even the smallest details of a larger picture. Approach FODUU website design agency to get a perfect solution for your query of an ideal web developer.