In previous times, people only used to concentrate in doing their business and consistently thinking about earning more and more profits by investing on the goods and services they sold. They never gave it a thought that instead of increasing the quantity of goods they should rather emphasize on increasing the sales of the already prevailing products, and getting acclamation in the masses. If they would have reflected a bit, they would have realized that once a person and his work becomes popular amongst the crowd the sales or services automatically shoot up. Gradually when they realized this fact they started calling for attention through mass media, evidently as television and radio were widely used and the advertisements laid an effective impact on the people other than anything else. Eventually when mobile phones came into existence there arose a need of websites and digital marketing, that brought a revolution in every industry. Also it is successful in maintaining its hold till date because of its aspect of elasticity in its deliverance.

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2018 also witnessed a tidal wave of transformation in businesses managing there on line presence. Virtually all businesses are having a website of their own, and this proves that in order to remain competitive one must innovate and use all available tools to their utmost advantage. Responsive web design, with clean layouts, implementing optimization practices and the growing use of call to action buttons are all trends that have had a considerable impact on revenue and conversions for many businesses. First impressions are 94% design related, and so there is a need of an agency like FODUU that is equally proficient like any other agency web Bruxelles.

Consumers take only 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website whether they like it and whether to click away or not. People scroll through hundreds and thousands of web pages daily and stop and linger only on that page which has an attractive design. A good design not only creates a good impression visually but also helps provide customers the assurance that they have found what they were looking for and that your business can be trusted, and this is the starting line of digital marketing. Here’s where we require FODUU that is an adroit in creating an affordable design than any other web development company.


A good logo design is a critical component of good web design, as you deploy your logo in many other marketing places. It is an identification of your brand, establishes a lasting brand recognition, influences consumers decisions and communicates your brand value. In short your web wide trademark. Other than accomplishing these tasks, a well designed logo needs to mesh well with your site’s theme and feel. Its color combination, font style,should consonant with the rest of the side elements. It should make the same statement as the rest of the site. It takes only 2.6 seconds for a site visitor’s eyes to reach the elements of a site that most influences the first impression.


This is another critical element of an eye catchy website but unfortunately overlooked leading to a hoch poch cluttered look. 94% of negative feedback about websites is related to design. This can turn out to be even more disastrous, if the aim of the site is mainly to share information. Homepage of websites with this primary goal, include only what is necessary to achieve the desired effect. Other than this, a site should also be calmly balanced. To ease the visitor’s eyes into a page three things should be effectively balanced- text, images and some space to breathe in. too much elaboration of any one element will seem like over traffic on the page and a jarring effect on visitors. For this you can test FODUU’S credibility more than any other web design Brussels.


Rational reflection on what you have to offer comes later, first you have to lay a positive emotional impression. The psychology of colors show how different colors profoundly but unobtrusively affect people’s emotion. You can also direct the visitors to do the action you wish them to do with the help of effective colors. For instance, bright buttons contrasting with the background color scheme are more likely to get clicked. Gradients provide a visual path to guide eyes to an important path. 88% of site visitors are unlikely to return after an unpleasant experience.


Images can be very powerful in context of reinforcement of your goals. Photos and images can help in breaking the monotony of text, grabbing attention and illustrating messages, but only if they are appropriately complimentary.75% of customers say they make judgements about a company on the basis of its website design. It calls for some expert editing to make the photos work well with your color palette. Developers at FODUU possess a proven expertise than any other web developer Brussels.


If a site’s content or layout is not appealing or engaging, 38% of people will leave. The content should be so good that it should make the make the visitor click deeper and deeper into the site. You can make the content sticky by sculpting quizzes, questionnaires, contests and polls. Blogs can also play a vital role if they are about topics relevant to your website customers.
Typography on the other hand will also leave an effective impact on the feel only if it effectively complements with other elements of your website. In fact some web designers claim that an impressive typography support in winning half the battle. The font and typefaces can either encourage visitors to read your message or drive them away, to an extent of debarring them to re- return. The way the message is conveyed is as important as the message itself as far as digital marketing is concerned. Hence a web designing team should be experienced in all aspects of integrative design to get this right. FODUU is the ideal web solutions company you have been looking for.


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What if your site seems to be impressive, well laid out and beautifully designed yet not doing the job for which it was brought into existence. All the above points will be obsolete if these pieces are not properly fitted together to form the desired puzzle. Color, typography, space, responsiveness, mobile friendliness navigation, content intuitiveness, branding, SEO and much more needs to be well sorted. If you feel your business is not growing as per your desired expectations, then something is definitely going wrong. To help you out in your digital solutions you need a web design firm that is obsessed with presenting you good on line. An agency that help you warm up leads by enticing users to visit sooner and more often. A company that can make it easy for customers to do business with you and finally create a website that is a perfect silhouette of you and your brand in a true sense. FODUU is a perfect blend of psychology, creativity and high tech prowess. A place where your search comes to an end.