When it comes to taking decision about Delhi we need to keep our brains aside and do what our heart says, KYUNKI DELHI HAI DILWALON KI and whatever the heart says is always correct. Moving further and talking about business, its recognition and its expansion, we require the best of services and results. A no.1 website is needed to rank our business to the no.1 position. If we have a high quality website it is obvious that people will also form a high quality opinion about you. For this we want a best website designing, web development and an SEO expert, that is FODUU.

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How to make a best website

To make a best website is not a difficult task if we keep a few things in our mind before starting, during the process, after completion and even after execution, as a website will give us expected results only if we consider it as a breathing creature which requires consistent care and nurturing which can be done by a perfectionist like FODUU, which is more capable than any other website development company in Delhi

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Impressive name , design and theme

We all know that a different name, attractive design and a magical theme in compatibility will result in formation of a website that is extremely pleasant, eye catchy and a delight for the audiences . Apply color, contrast, size and spacing for further accentuation.It will overwhelm them and keep them engaged for a longer period of time. So this first positive impression will make them stay and not leave the site in turn decreasing the bounce rate.

Why and for whom we are building

Who are the people we’re taking pains for and what is our aim . A website is designed to solve a purpose. Moreover it should be user friendly and easy to operate and should be convenient for the customers to navigate within it. So keep it simple and try to cater to their needs. For a website to succeed in the market it should understand the people’s expectations and quench their thirst using latest web design techniques.

The heart should be pumping

In other words, the content of the website which is the most important component in the website should be engaging. The spelling errors can spoil the reputation of the website. The information provided should also be useful and should be about topics relevant to the website customers. Google will now not just emphasize on keywords but also topics ant context. According to Search Metrics google’s algorithm recognizes high quality.

Videos and images

These attributes also play a vital role in enhancing the looks of your website and making it more interesting. An image speaks a thousand words, so they should be attractive yet defining your goals. Images should be strategically placed to subtly guide the users. 73% of visitors are heavily influenced by videos. It can be used as a tool to persuade your customers on merits of your products and services.

Analyzing competition

A good website is well aware of its competitors . Without underestimating their strengths it does a deep assessment about their strategies, successes, failures and works towards competing online and fashions it own distinctive identity.

Design keeps visual hierarchy

The technology to display information has evolved as it has come a long way from television to monitors, to tablets and mobile phones. SO, it is the developers job to arrange the content accordingly. Only a few seconds are alloted to a website to grab someone’s attention and tell them about your site.

Significant call to action by SEO company in Delhi

The best option to generate leads, but this option also acts as a guideline for the visitors leading them what to do next. It can be about purchase a product, subscribe or download . It may also direct to fill up the customers contact details, but make sure not to make it boring, lengthy and time consuming. Impressive pop ups can also help in drawing the attention.

seo company in delhi

seo company in Delhi

Prove your existence

You have to prove your identity at every step to prove that its not just a random company, but an actual provider of products and services.

*testimonials- these are human proofs of your previous work, but make sure they are real customers and photos.

*increased social sharing- Plugins like social warfare help to add buttons to your website like share, so that it can be shared easily on social media.

*impress with logos- you can also display logos of companies you have worked for and sites where you are popular like blogs tv radio or some other websites.

Clear showcase of your products

In case of an e- commerce website, the products display should be well organised with proper search and filter options. Moreover they should be clearly visible. The images should be graphically designed and related content should be crisp.This work can be efficiently done by an e-commerce website designed by FODUU CMS better than any othere-commerce website designing company in Delhi .

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Responsive , accessible and user friendly

Even the best of website will be ranked low if it is not mobile friendly and complicated for the users. Also increase load time can lead an increase in the bounce rate.

Its very important to make sure that you choose an ideal web designing company like FODUU in comparison to any other best website designing company in Delhi. that promises to provide a dynamic website at affordable prices ( hosting and domain included in the package ), aimed at increasing your traffic in turn increasing your sales and profit.

An XML sitemap- It is a background file for search engines , an index that helps understand the structure of the site. If wordpress is used for the creation of the website, a yoast plugin helps in automatically generating the sitemap.

  1. Optimized titles
  2. Clean code
  3. Restore broken links- If the site is not interlinked properly it gives the user a very bad experience.
  4. Optimize images- Often the reason behind a website’s slow load time are the images with large size. The WP Smush plugin of wordpress helps reducing file size without reducing image quality
  5. Add meta titles and meta description
  6. Add a privacy policy and terms of use
  7. Keywords- detailed study to determine the exact keywords is required
  8. Canonical redirect tags and effective error handling