Having a business but not having a website is equivalent to a malnutritioned child. In this era of invincible competitors a website not just acts as a medium of providing information but also helps in online sale. It helps accomplish the target of a broader market. Web architecture includes step by step procedures and utilizes techniques to make and join words with attractive images ,textured styles and illustrations inevitably to express message tentative clients in return providing impeccable results .

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But before making this wise decision of selecting a web design company one needs to be very careful. You have to fulfill both the purposes of selecting a leading web design company and also choosing an inexpensive website design for small businesses. Also since website is one of the most important tools through which a company can promote its articles, services and can even sell them, you have to lay more emphasis on its appearance .If it is good looking it will in turn improve its own performance on the search engines escorted by a rapid increase in the chances of your firm or product by boosting up your sales and profits . Its beguiling characteristic will help you stand apart from your competitors. Most importantly if it possesses the quality of user compatibility it will be like icing on the cake and the users can get their information easily and quickly. FODUU possesses all the qualities of a good web design company that you are looking for in any other Athens web design. Through the subsequent points it will be proved that FODUU is no less than any web design Manchester company.


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Make it defensive not offensive

One most important trait which we often tend to neglect is the presentation and organization of our website which infact is of vital importance. This point especially needs to be worked upon more today when even a minor mistake can cost us hard by our customers being fetched by our competitors. FODUU relevantly categorizes information and also works hard upon the usability of the website. The information is planned and presented in away that it is easily understood by the users .We should never impose our website according to our terms and conditions instead always form it keeping in mind the user’s perspective

Stick to the point strictly

Be very very relevant while forming a content. Everybody’s time is precious , so valuing the same the content in the website should be formatted in a manner that headings, subheadings and titles stand distinctly apart and are clearly legible. Bullets should be effectively used to break up lengthy text also not compromising with needed information.

Compatibility with devices especially mobile phones

Internet is accessed more through mobile phones so it is very important to present the website in an equally beautified way as it is being presented in bigger screens . Check the mobile compatibility of the website and if it is not doing well an optimized mobile version needs to be worked upon. We can borrow assistance from google mobile site tester for the same.

Rapid load time

In order to sustain navigation of the customers on the website it is very important that the load time should be very fast. As it is, this characteristic requires great concentration, as it leaves a very poor impression on the mind of the readers . This can be very disappointing not just resulting into user leaving the site instantly but also making them reluctant about a re-visit. A free tool Pingdom can help in not just testing the speed of the load time speed of your website but will also provide advice for improvement, so that you can improve your ranking in the search engine. Certain plugins and widgets are also responsible for the slow load time of your website.

Browser friendly

This a point which if neglected can put the reputation of your brand at stake . Even the most reputed companies have had faced this issue . The site should appear actively across all major browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Although the browsers have become more efficient but there is an uncertainty about their interpretation of the website.

Smart Error handling

To maintain a good user experience the website should be trained effectively to handle 404 issues. If the website handles errors correctly it ensures that it is free from bugs.

Proper placement

A good website ensures utmost interpretation and comprehension by the the ace ace reader that is google .It is very important that the website is feasible with the search engines to improve its rank in the SEO process. A good website will always place important information or words of key importance on the upper left hand column. When it is convenient it is effective and acceptable and so is the case with google crawlers.

Avoid shocking mistakes

We sometimes neglect the the customer’s feeling that they might be undergoing when suddenly and shockingly and advertisement is displayed on the monitor and hides the content they were going through . This and many other SEO mistakes like giving backlinks to other sites or not updating your website timely can cost you your visitors and can also decrease the chances of your earning.

Killer SEO techniques

Techniques like adding polls and questionnaires can also make audiences stick to your site . Also updating articles relevant to your work and helpful for the readers can help you get a re- visit of your customers.

Apart from this ensuring trust regarding hacks is a very important task that cannot be overlooked. There are chances of the site being hacked . This can be the most lethal attack on your hard work . Our data can be stolen and also sudden unwanted and anti -social displays like porn or terror related images can hamper your website’s image badly. FODUU provides cost effective protection in competence with the leading web design companies in manchester.