Somebody rightly said - “act to express, not just to impress”. This phrase can also be aptly put up for web designing. An effective web design is judged by the viewer, more than the creator. A site is said to be felicitous when it emphasizes more on the function than its form. So what is important is how easy it is to work with rather than how impressive it looks. People often tend to make this mistake of working more on how beautiful their site looks on the front end, instead they should pay more attention to it technically, in terms of reducing bounce rates, increasing time spent on sites, decreasing load times and increasing conversions. For a website to fulfil the expected needs it should be designed by a professional like FODUU, who is a maestro in the field of website making and render affordable services for the same and a step ahead of web design Helsinki. In this text we will ponder over points on how to make your website most effective, to solve your purpose, earn visitors and thereby get higher ROI.

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Every work done on earth has a purpose behind it. Same can be said for the websites. It is very important to first understand the objective of bringing the website into existence. Also while designing the website we should need to make sure that it caters to the needs of the visitors. Some people visit the site merely to seek information, some to interact or get answers for their queries, some come for transactions while some submit their presence just for entertainment. So, each and every page of our website should be designed in a way as to solve these specific purposes of the visitors. And as it is quite obvious if the visitors are impressed by the website and its services the chances of conversion will surely go up.


Visitors on the web are not just to seek information but also to get it very fast, so it is very important that the information provided is clear, relevant and to the point. So along with making the content elaborate it is also important that it should be easy to comprehend as well as the information should be organized well with proper headings, subheadings and bullets wherever necessary. Also instead of writing prolonged sentences, we should keep on cutting the waffle so that the visitor finds the information quickly and clearly and does not find himself lost and confused in the cluttered content thereby leaving the site disappointed.


You might feel I am contradicting my own statement that the looks are not important. Yes, but it was true in context of those websites who are well designed but perform poorly on google search metrics because of solely emphasizing on the looks. First impression makes a difference so the fonts, their size and the color schemes also need some consideration as the right choice of colors and writing style lay a positive impact on the mind of the users. Also consistency should be maintained on all pages while using colors to assure uniformity. Talking about the images, the selection of the pictures should be done keeping the viewers aspect in our minds. We should not put up images which we find pleasing, but ones which are relevant to the content and appealing to the masses.



Of all the articles, blogs or write ups related to the website success, nearly 99% mention about convenient navigation on the website as an imperative aspect for its acceptance by google. This is also an important attribute from the users context as, if the users don’t find the website easy to move along and understand and they get stuck they would rather prefer to

bounce back than waiting to understand the steps. So, another important point to throw light upon is provide easy navigation and good user experience to the customers so that they stay on for long.






These two points can actually be considered as hallmarks in the website designing process as now even google has assigned them a criteria for better ranking. Mobiles in every hand have proved the significance of the statement. People acknowledge websites that can load on mobile phones and that too fast as people lack patience and time to stay for longer time. One of the important tip regarding this can be to compress the images to optimize them and improve their loading time. Also your website should be compatible with all the browsers. A responsive design is need of the hour and FODUU we design agency has an experience of years in the business, doing the same in an exemplary manner and etter than any other design agency Helsinki.



A website without SEO is equivalent to body without soul. If you own a website, but it is not optimized then it won’t gain recognition by google. And without that it will be of no use. There are many steps involved in the process of effective SEO. While designing the elements should be judiciously chosen as they effect SEO The entire design and layout should be planned keeping the SEO in mind. Adequate use of keywords, engaging meta description, efficient error handling, proper placement of CTA’s are some of the important points of consideration. FODUU has a team of SEO experts who optimize the site well and to be recognized by google effectively than any other web design Finland.





In this digital era almost every field has witnessed advancement. So is the case with website designing. The modern UX and UI designs supports today’s needs. The layout should be based on “F” pattern that is website information should be displayed from left to right to ease the viewers readability.



There are certain points to be worked on from the back end point of view. Not only should the site’s user interface should be able to scale potential customers but the backend database, API’s and services too should be able to scale. Security being the major concern of today’s visitors, we are bound to ensure that our website follows industry standards and guidelines. In case of e-commerce websites it becomes even the more obligatory as customers are asked to enter their personal details and so it is important that the website uses SSL encryption.





These were a few important quirks to be taken into account while designing your website to make it an ideal one and make it capable of delivering upon the desired objectives of the google’s expectations, site visitors and also give exceptional results to your business. Its high time you land up at FODUU for your website solutions instead of expecting it from other website design Finland.