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This era has witnessed advancement in every field, be it digital or technology wise. And this advancement has given them an experience beyond expectations. They have received facilities without putting in much of time and effort and without exhausting their brains. Same is the case with surfing the websites or downloading mobile applications. These websites respond fast thereby providing successful outcomes. The point is it is the customer’s or the user’s world. The entire emphasis is laid in providing maximum satisfaction. In digital language they call it UX (user experience design), and UI (user interface design). FODUU professional website design company is an expert in building modern website designs a class apart from agence web Geneve or any other web design Switzerland.

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UX design as the name suggests is about providing delightful experience to the users, when they are interacting with the website or application and consistently working towards its improvement. It is all about creating a structure of the application or website by framing all elements appropriately, keeping the user and their expectations in mind and thus providing results accordingly. FODUU is an expert ecommerce website builder and builds affordable websites than any other website design Switzerland. User interface on the other hand deals with the front end. That is, the way the website is visible to the visitors. Total emphasis is laid on improving the interaction, layout and actual presentation of the website or application. Each page, button, images etc elements come under UI design. FODUU makes the most impressive websites keeping the user experience design in mind and of higher quality than agence web Geneve.






These are basically, procedures for designing website especially jewelry website design in a way that they are successful in attaining our goal, that is providing good user experience and satisfaction in order to increase sales and growth of business along with retaining brand loyalty. Certain websites especially jewelry ones essentially need to have a UX design so that the users find it easy to navigate and explore more and more varieties and make more and more purchases. The deeper they dig, the more they get tempted as the beautiful designs tickle their taste buds thereby adding more to their carts and soaring the website sales. In this very strong competitive world of splendid websites it is very difficult to stand apart from your competitors and establish your website and brand awareness. The only way to gain recognition is to get a higher rank on google search engines. And this will be plausible only if your website possesses those attributes to stand firmly in the digital markets. You get a very short span of time to grab your consumers attention, and in that limited interval you have to successfully hault your visitors, explain them about your products and services how you outmatch your customers and finally convert them into customers is a tedious job. The success of the UX design and UI design depends on making your customers sure that this is their final destination they were looking for. This success is measured by the increase in the traffic of your websites. This is actually about creating an impression so it holds importance for both old and newly set up ventures. Listed below are a few important features explaining about the user experience design and how it is helpful.


One common mistake that is committed while the website is formed to make presumptions about the users and their needs. To understand the users needs is our first and most imperative priority for which we might have to go through different processes, like market research and surveys. These included

* demographics
* personality traits
* motivation to land on the site
Although it is quite possible that these can vary over the time the business and customer evolves.



This includes of designing the structure of the site, keeping the strategies of the business in mind, in order to provide the required information. This majorly emphasizes on providing effective navigation to the users when they are on a visit to your site, immaterial of the browser in action or device being operated. Only when the user experiences an easy journey and convenient movements within the site so that he gets the information that he wanted, solves the purpose. This helps in keeping the visitor stick to the site for a longer time and digging into deeper, thereby enhancing the chances of conversion.


This includes elements that make the products or applications interact with the customers and are appealing. These include creation of conceptual design like color, shape, fonts, aesthetics, images and its motions, sound, space, graphics, icons etc. If we are successful in presenting the product in an attractive way along with providing relevant, clear and needed information that influences the customer to make an action, then we can say the interaction was worthy. There are also some UI elements like module tabs, breadcrumbs and slideshows.


This again emphasizes on easy navigation so that the user can acquire the information they want conveniently. If the design of your website is complicated or say the language of the content is very difficult to comprehend then there are chances that the customers might bounce back without gaining the information. For which they had landed due to the absence of compatibility. Also this includes working on error handling and effective redirecting as the customers do not have the patience to sit back for a longer time and wait for the site to respond taking its own sweet time. The customers seek for instant actions.


Before the website is launched it is very important to test or check its working and usability on the part of the users, as ultimately it was brought into existence for the users, and so it is very necessary to test whether their purpose is being solved or is it helpful to them. Most importantly how is the visibility online face. This is also important as if there is a need for any amendments, that can be done before final execution.



This element is of utmost importance when it comes to guiding users on your site as it is a clear organized hierarchy of all the pages and sub pages of your site. This should be formed first as it gives you an idea about how the structure will be like and to make necessary implementations at the core level. This also gives the customer an overview of your site, so that he can directly land on the page of his use without wasting anytime. This time saving will be acknowledged by re return of the customer.

So now you know that UX design and UI design is all about creating special effects on the screen for your produced and directed film called websites so that it looks eye- catchy in the front end, and navigating the customers to their predetermined target in the most efficient way. It is very important to integrate design and coding into all levels of product development. The companies need to provide time and resources to for user research before targeting product development. User analysis is useful before determining the process of development in order to provide a user centric approach initially in product conceptualization and feature estimation. USABILITY IS AS IMPORTANT AS FUNCTIONALITY.