CMS Based Ecommerce Website

We create CMS Based ecommerce websites keeping in mind that your customers find it easy to use, secure and also ensure that it provides best user experience making you stand ahead in the competition. We also assure that your website keeps up to your convenience level, so that you find it easy to organize your content. A good CMS helps you manage your content in a way that even if you are not tech savvy you can easily make additions and changes without hiring an external source to create changes. This means significant cost savings over time. we can help you accelerate your e-commerce growth.

Custom eCommerce Platforms

Every business has its own peculiar requirements, objectives and expectations from a website. A website that can handle complex purchases, fulfill technical requirements and balance traffic volumes. Our customized website is

  • Unique and appealing
  • Proffers best user experience in turn providing you boosted traffic, sales and ROI
  • SEO friendly so that you rank high on search engines
  • Conversion friendly
  • Mobile responsive
  • Feature rich and high performing

Enterprise eCommerce Websites

An enterprise eCommerce platform needs to deal with a heap of assignments, from delivering product listing to managing requests to interfacing with third party systems. The complexities of Enterprise eCommerce Websites include:

  • Managing different product categories from various stores for clients in different areas.
  • Integration with different frameworks all through the organization, for example, book-keeping, stock, and client relationship the board (CRM) frameworks.
  • The capacity to follow a client's past buys and suggest different things dependent on their buying history.
  • Scalability to meet the conceivable high traffic requests of an enterprise level business.


Ecommerce websites are online gateways that encourage online exchanges of products and enterprises through methods for the exchange of data and assets over the Internet. Initially, online business was done somewhat through messages and calls. Presently, with a solitary site, exchange needs, can be executed on the web. It caters to the needs of assorted ecommerce types:

B2C eCommerce

Business to Consumer. Here the organization will sell their products as well as administrations legitimately to the buyer. The shopper can peruse their sites and see items, pictures and go through the feedback. They submit their request and the organization dispatches the merchandise legitimately to them. Mainstream models are Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and so forth. B2C represents Business to Consumer. This is the most natural plan of action, and includes a retailer selling products and services legitimately to end clients — distinct individuals. B2C retail is the most widely recognized plan of action, both online and offline.

B2B eCommerce

This is Business to Business exchanges. Here the organizations are working with one another. The last shopper isn't included. So the online exchanges just include the producers, wholesalers, retailers and so forth.

B2B represents Business to Business. As its name proposes, a B2B dealer gives products and services to different organizations. Much of the time, B2B vendors proffer items that end purchasers would have no utilization for, similar to crude materials utilized in assembling. Other B2B eCommerce models incorporate discount providers that offer items to retailers, and providers of business supplies, for example, office materials or branded employee clothing.

C2C eCommerce

Customer to buyer, where the buyers are in direct contact with one another. No organization is included. It assists individuals with selling their own merchandise and resources straightforwardly to an invested individual. Normally, merchandise exchanged are vehicles, bicycles, gadgets and so forth. OLX, Quikr and so on follow this model.C2C represents Consumer to Consumer. This is the kind of eCommerce that includes people offering items to one another straightforwardly. For a disconnected model, you could think about a carport deal. On the web, enormous commercial centers like eBay ease out the C2C exchange procedure for many merchants.


Alluring showcase of your products and services- Our experienced website designers and developers help build influential ecommerce websites and exhibit your products and services in a tempting way that the visitors find it hard to leave the site without shopping.

User friendly design- Seamless user experience and user interface are two core aspects of best ecommerce web design. If your website provides easy navigation to the users, there are more chances of conversion. Our team focuses on conversion ecommerce development to promote sales.

SEO friendly design- Ecommerce websites without digital marketing are like body without soul. If your website is not optimized your products won’t be found when people are searching for them and the entire efforts of setting up an online store will go in vain. All products and pages need to be well optimized to get a higher rank on search engines for your keywords and refined traffic.

A responsive design- We build mobile friendly websites that look equally beautiful on various devices and gadgets. Considering the 50% of ecommerce business from mobile phone FODUU ensures flawless functioning of your website on mobile devices.

Evaluate and enhance- Google analytics will help you scrutinize your website, polish its performance and mend loopholes if any. Ecommerce requires consistent efforts and transformations at regular intervals only then can you expect accelerated growth for your business. Timely tracking not just helps you to analyze your efforts but also get to uncover the places of opportunities.

Make updates conveniently- FODUU equips you with a robust CMS and user friendly admin panel to make necessary updates, adjustments, changes or even manage offers and discounts with ease. Get a website that is customized according to your needs and under complete control of your fingertips.

FODUU promises top quality and hassle free ecommerce development.

  • Experienced ecommerce website development company
  • Customized ecommerce websites
  • Wordpress ecommerce development
  • Secure transactions
  • Payment and shipping integration
  • Steady inventory database management
  • Social media integration

Additional features that give you every reason to choose us

  • Stable ecommerce marketplace development that encourages smooth multi vendor selling.
  • Feature rich ecommerce websites with plugins and modules to enhance the functionality of your website.
  • We provide coherent mobile apps for your ecommerce adding cherry to the cake.
  • Maintenance and support- We are there to partner you not just during the website building process but also ensure that website runs smoothly through its evolution.
  • Migration of website to other platform without data loss.
  • Third party API integration


  • Categories and filters to streamline search
  • Proper product pages
  • High definition product images and detailed product description
  • Easy and quick checkout process
  • Proper order tracking modes
  • Multiple payment options and secured payment gateway

Frequently Asked Question

Which CMS is best for ecommerce development?
The choice of an eCommerce platform depends on numerous factors like the size of the business, future expansion plans, requirements, budget, etc. FODUU provides customized ecommerce solutions on FODUU CMS and woocommerce platform.
What if I am not tech savvy? Is your admin panel user friendly?
You do not require any technical knowledge. FODUU provides user friendly admin panel and you can manage your website with ease and make necessary updates, changes o adjustments whenever required. Our admin panel is robust as well as secure.
Do you offer customized ecommerce development?
We provide reliable e-commerce web development and customization services to build solutions that match the client’s requirements.
Do you offer enterprise website development?
Yes we cater to the needs of both B2B and B2C marketplaces.
Do you provide mobile app development services ?
Yes we provide seamless mobile applications pertaining to your ecommerce websites. This helps you to connect with your customers in a better way. Our feature rich ecommerce mobile applications provide easy navigation, seamless checkout, fast speed, and awe-inspiring UI/UX design perfectly complementing with your ecommerce website.
Which hosting will ensure smooth functioning of my ecommerce website?
FODUU recommends best hosting for undisturbed working of your online store at minimum cost.
What should I do to assure security of my website as well as my customers?
The security of your ecommerce website as well as your customers is our topmost priority and we take every measure to strengthen the site’s security. We put encryptions to ensure that customer, transactions, and orders data is protected. We have further security audit services for finding vulnerabilities and filling those gaps. Our security measures involve the best practices of the industry like SSL certificate and free from bugs.
What if there is any problem after the website is live?
FODUU is dedicated towards providing the best of its maintenance services and help resolve client issues so that the website runs smoothly and our clients and their customers are always satisfied. We offer the required support for hassle free business transactions.