4 Reasons Why your Website Looks Unpleasant

4 Reasons Why your Website Looks Unpleasant

I know the title might sound a bit strange to you. You perhaps are thinking why does a website need to look as welcoming. It is a mere source for distributing information about your business, its products and services and to get leads. But your website is also your business card that also helps form an opinion about you, your company and its products. So if you are successful in giving a positive first impression and building a good reputation only then will your visitors feel invited otherwise you will have a tough time convincing them. A good web design company India will help create website that will give your customers the comfortable feel when they step on your website.

Clarity- It is very important to be clear with your goals before getting the website built. Only then will you be able to present a website with the assistance of website design company India that is easy to understand and user friendly. There are innumerable websites with same business goals on the search engines and even a minute mistake can annoy your customers to bounce back from your website. To avoid that every single detail needs to be worked upon

  • Convenient Layout
  • Proper Spacing
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • CTA’s should land at appropriate destinations
  • Information should be provided in short and sweet manner, lengthy pages with repetitions or having infinite scrolling can bore your visitors.

Stay Updated- Just like you would avoid entering old shops, if the website looks outdated or was constructed with old design styles it will give an unwanted feeling to its visitors. Even if you do not get your site redesigned then atleast the content needs to be updated. Any information that is stale or not useful will give an impression of your site been unkept. Things like fresh content, new product listings, a current AI chatbot that provides a greeting, or similar aspects ensure that you are still on.

Ensure Security- This is one of the important feature that your website should provide especially if it is an e-commerce website. Without such assurance neither your customer will prefer to enter any transaction nor will Google qualify you as visitor safety is one of an important algorithm of Google. Cases about data breaches and loss of customer data have made the customers vigilant and avoid sharing their personal information easily. A site should always use HTTPS with SSL certificates installed. Security badges will give credibility to your site. The site should also be inspected timely to check and fix issues with contact forms, 404 errors and spam in any of the public comment sections or forums. Therefore the e-commerce website development company should provide a secured website.

Lack of Liveliness- The aesthetics play a very important role in keeping the visitors engrossed. The use of certain images, graphics, color schemes, size of the font etc can be done creatively to keep the users attracted and engaged for long. Colors and way of presentation speaks a lot about the company. An organized structure exhibits the disciplined working manner of the company. Also the product displayed in a stylish way urges the customers to make purchase. The web designer India should add such impressive elements that enhance the aesthetics of your website.

Even if the SEO expert is successful in acquiring traffic to your website but if the look of your website is not enticing you will not be able to retain the traffic. FODUU web development company help build websites that are aesthetically pleasing, well structured, secure, simple and keeps at par with latest web design trends. Get in touch for cost effective website solutions.