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Website design Company in Amsterdam is the most intelligent investment one can make in the process of publicizing their brand. We just don’t need to acquire a solid visibility on social media and outdoor publicity but also sustain in the search engines and present our brand digitally.

The perfect combination of an impressive SEO Amsterdam ,Netherlands along with the right promotion with affordable prices will help you accomplish your target of making your business popular among your targeted customers. Its easy to let your customer search for your business when they need it, instead you convince them to become your customer. A well designed and effective website not only helps in maintaining a business’s goodwill but also generates traffic further leading to a high rank in search engines (one of the core reasons you might want to have a website). It also increases the chances to transform visitors into customers.

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“According to Google research, 90% businesses will be running online by the end of 2025”

Our Expertise

It is imperative to have a website as it is a showcase of our business and also medium of connectivity with potential customers digitally. Publishing business online is more effective than distributing brochures, notepads or publishing media. It is a resume for your brand. Marketing agency in Amsterdam is a popular way to market business’s online. People use different techniques and strategies to market it. We have already helped a lot of customers in Amsterdam for improving their business’s online, so strategies will be handy and ready to use.

For our Amsterdam customers, we choose to develop a unique website to your business.Coming to the topic of “types of websites” which include – Static websites, Dynamic websites, e-Commerce websites and Enterprise level websites. The domain name and hosting is included in the every package mentioned on our website. Its a treat if we receive a full fledged website of superior quality created by a team of highly professional and technical expert team. FODUU in comparison to other Webdesign agency in Amsterdam Netherlands helps in each and every step of website formation.

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web design company in amsterdam

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Define Your Project

Its very important to first make people understand what your work is all about in detail further explaining them how it will be useful for them. The aim is to catch the reader or customer’s attention for a longer time and force them to stick to the website for a longer period.You should not directly start confabulating about the topic. Everything is done step by step. So it is very important that first of all your idea goes across well and you successful in explaining your business and how it can be helpful for them or how it can prove to be a beneficial investment. Once they are convinced that it possess the quality to spend their valuable time, they will surely stay and act in favor.

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Explaining your goals

Sometimes we have goals we have goals that are likely to interest people but we don’t know how to put forward our point and present it in the best possible manner. This is what the website will be doing for you . It will act as your representative, who’ll take a lead, provide information to the masses and especially about your services you are best at. It defines your niche to the customers, about how and what you are perfect at finally compelling them to transforming from readers to tentative customers solving the purpose of taking your organization forward or reaching to greater heights. Full Service Digital Agency in Amsterdam maximize your e-commerce success for your targeted goals.

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Awareness About Your Competitors

Although people don’t consider it important but we should be well aware about the people who are dealing in the same business as we do and not just that we should also not commit the mistake of underestimating our competitors. This also helps us in in judging where we are lagging behind as compared to them or how they are better of from us. After analyzing our shortcomings we can sportingly work towards their improvement. It will then be easier to explain people how you stand unique from your competitors. The aim is not to beat your competition but to consistently work towards your own betterment. People always look for uniqueness. They will hault at your website only if they are able to discover aspects that they didn’t find in any other website or any speciality that makes your website distinct.

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Targeted Audiences

We have knowledge about who our most likely to become customer or to whom our website will attract the most whether government institutions, students, shareholders’ housewives, suppliers or business organizations. This not only saves your time but your efforts are solely directed to fetch your audiences attention. Once you are clear with your intentions you will utilize your energy and efforts in convincing the targeted group instead of wasting your time concentrating on those who have nothing to do with your products and services.

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The word delay can be considered a tantamount to the word deny. Exactness should be the core competency of both emerging as well as already established organizations The website should be presented well on time to meet the demands or requirements of your customers.Being on time will prove to be helpful not just for you but can prove to be a treat for your customers. For instance you are planning to open a restaurant then the best time of the year could be occasions like Valentine’s Day or New Year. Similarly launching a website will hold importance at its peak time. Just like this is the best time to set up and launch online stores when a considerable amount of population shops online.


Sitemap is the index of your website. It provides information about the key pages of the website. It does not provide a detailed view but acts as summary about how each page will appear to be like. It can also be defined as a lead to content hierarchy. It is also a way to mention the search engine bots when you have last updated your website.

Visual Design

First impression is the last impression. As the name suggests this relates to what a person sees and forms an image about your business or you in his mind after landing on the page. A professional web design agency Amsterdam, Netherlands makes it pleasing for the eyes of user.

Test The Project

Before being sent live the site is reviewed on browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer and tested on various devices (tablets, mobiles and laptops) to check broken links.

Maintenance Even After Launch

Mistakes are inevitable, but not change. Broken internal links, unedited words, prolonged load time are certain mishaps that need to be worked upon time and again. Adjustments, updating should be done consistently