If you want to promote your business and get more and more returns, you need a quality website. And to get an effective website you need an effective web design company. FODUU helps in creating impressive websites at affordable prices, and is better than any other web design company in Egypt. A website is not just a medium of communication between you and your potential customers but is available anywhere anytime and everywhere every time. Many business owners feel they do not require a website for their business.

But in today’s business environment, to beat the competitors, every small and big business require a website of their own. Through websites, web development companies help your company not just to get acquainted with your clients, but to increase product knowledge, selling products and services, generating leads for the business and increasing popularity of your company. This has led to a need of web design company like FODUU which is more skilful than other web design companies in Cairo. The importance of websites is going on increasing leading to an increase in number of websites on the worldwide web. There are a plethora of reasons, as to why web designing is in the better interest of your business, designed by FODUU as it is more affordable than other web development companies in cairo.

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Easy navigation for the users

Easy navigation of a website is a crucial task, yet very important in the context of users, as it helps them to reach out to you in an easy manner. He can get easily, what he is looking for, without any confusion. For this it is also necessary that the pages should have fast loading speed. Subsequently the website should include a search bar . This helps the user in typing and quickly be directed to the desired section. Apart from designing a website a developer is expected to regularly test the pages to check, resolve and eliminate bugs hampering the ease in loading web pages.



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Graphic designing of your choice

Visual graphics such as brochure making, logo creation can be used while designing your website. Graphic designing in combination with web designing assists to cater the needs of commercial and promotional aspects of your enterprise.

Responsive design

User friendliness is of key portance when it comes to making an interactive design. A well designed layout with proper inter linking, eye pleasing images and engaging content will attract more and more customers to your firm. Also if it has equally clear visibility in all the devices it will create a large potential base.

Target the audiences

If you have a website that is designed and managed correctly it will not only help you in gaining new customers but also make the old customers return to your site again and do business with you. A good design seeks customers on the door of your website, and make them take decision in your favor. If the design is ineffective you lose a lot of customers.

Maintain your quality

Right marketing tactics along with an appealing web design helps increase traffic for your website, thus improving your business. Gaining customers trust is also very important. For
this the business has to keep up with its quality and value expected by the customer.

Strengthen credibility of your firm

Any other printed material like brochures logo should be included in the website design. It will help the business gain recognition and people will trust your presence..

Proven marketing strategies

The website should be such that it should prove your usefulness, innovative solutions and it should make the customers understand what your business is about. For this you require to a web development companies in cairo to design an nobtrusive website for you.


Accomplish with effective SEO

With millions of websites racing to engrave themselves in the SERP’s and competing to get a higher rank, SEO has become a fundamental aspect to observe. Parameters such as title tags, use of keywords, image optimization,linking etc is considered. It is through optimization that website becomes user friendly and appears when different queries are made. Under this, the developer is required to include features such as “call to action”. It is also needed to have simplistic designs on the pages to have good loading speed. Pictures are also vital Pictures also play an equally important role on your website for two main reasons. Firstly some products and services cannot just be explained through text elaboration. They are well understood visually. Moreover, pictures make the web design look crisp and spicy. The enterprise can choose the images and videos with a web developer’s assistance. Also, these images make the website look eye catchy and the specialities of your product can be well understood. Whenever a website is opened the first thing that captures our attention is images, written text is the second priority. But we need to be careful to not over stuff the site with pictures, as it will make the site look cluttered and unattractive. There is also one disadvantage about few pictures that they take a lot if time to download and appear on the screen. This can be the reason of disappointment of the users.




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Attaining our holy grail Creating a website can effectively aid a business to increase their sales, which is our actual grail or goal as sales anchor prosperity of business. With the advent of new technology, business owners are conducting transactions on line, as there are more sales generated on line. This is because, there are more customers surfing net than in authentic markets. Websites provide credibility to the business. Moreover updates and upgrades can be easily, that provides clients assurance that the brand is dedicated to provide exemplary services and information. Websites also help in promoting business on social media, which can help users in giving an impression that they can acquire affordable products from our company. All in all every activity on a website adds value to business in some or the other way. Websites not only attract customers for lifetime, but helps in reaching out to more and more clients. A business gets global platform, and even a little known enterprise can be searched by far off customers. The above points prove that the website helps in increasing sales and gaining profits for your business. FODUU provides web solutions keeping all the above points in mind and is more able than any other web development companies in Cairo . There are also ways to gain profit out of the website.

Cost cutting or cost effective- Unfortunately many businesses close down due to low profits. This often happens because owners spend a huge amount in publicity without realizing that websites can do this job at affordable prices. If one has to reach to faraway places to reach out to potential customers it will acquire extensive resources. Websites have eased this job by reaching to every width and length of the globe at cheap prices. Cutting such extra costs helps business accrue more profits.

Allowing advertisement on your website- If you are having a website, that is unique and renowned you can use it to sponsor to run ads of other enterprises and earn profits.


E-commerce platform- Web designing companies offer help by creating e-commerce websites if the main aim is to sell products and services. This has really eased and increased sales along with gaining popularity. The best example is Amazon. Website services have tremendously changed the working of business industry making it more and more convenient and dynamic. Come to FODUU,web development companies in cairo  for all your digital queries, as it gives you ideal assistance as compared to other branding companies in Egypt.